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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rain and work in the shop

Today it rained.
I am like three miles from home. If I would not have worked on the G1355 until noon yesterday I would have been planting at home.
It is sometime interesting to note that I have planted these same fields several times over the past decade.
Yesterday I found a screwdriver I lost several years ago. If you plant screw drivers they don't really seem to germinate well.

It is not in perfect shape but I put it back in the toolbox.

I replanted in the first field I planted this year. I no-tilled oats and then the farmer planted clover on top with his drill. The clover actually did a little better in the wet spots than the oats. You could see any low spots, they were bare. I am somewhat amazed at the field. When he first rented it the field had been plowed in circles for years. It was low in the middle and corners and high on the sides. I think they put quite a bit of lime on the field also. It was also amazingly clean for being planted in January, which would be before a lot of the broadleaf weeds would sprout.

So I have the G1355 running. I see from the photo I forgot to put the cover back on the side of the cab. I see that my little helper didn't notice it either.

Today I put the White 2-135 in the shop and got ready to swap engines. I removed the hood, radiator, turbo, and was working on the manifolds but got hungry and quit for supper. The hard part will be putting it all onto the new engine. It is a hercules military truck engine and I have to change the timing gear, turbo, injectors, manifold, and waterpump. Have to drill and tap a hole in the head for the water pump.
I'm more worried about getting the timing gear changed. Hope I don't have to mess with the cam. Wish I could just hire someone to do it.


  1. People that buy those cool GoPro helmet cameras usually film themselves on fast Japanese motorcycles or on ridiculous ski ventures. You might want to invest in one to share your mechanical challenges or cab-views.

    Have a nice Easter.

    1. Thanks Art. But... you know... I'd have to run the GoPro footage at triple speed as I'm not sure you want to see what I do in real time.

  2. I forgot to mention that I've found two Swedish knives that I left laying on the ground two years later. Last summer I found a watch that I lost under a pile of oak firewood that I'd split two years earlier. The Timex Expedition was still ticking. Now I'm waiting to find a Maglite flashlight lost last summer and also a Silky double-cut saw that I must have left hanging in an apple tree. A lot of things are best re-found.

    1. But why don't they grow? I would be nice to have a field of screw drivers. Perhaps I don't have the correct inoculant.

  3. I found a good (USA made) pair of fence pliers I lost a while back. They are now a nice gun metal blue after I wire brushed the rust off. You can't beat good carbon steel!

    1. I lost the pocketknife got for my High School graduation. It is in the field below your house. I lost it 20 years ago. Could you keep an eye out for it?


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