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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rain and peas

This Global Warming thing is really getting to me. I have decided to stop eating beans. If cow flatulence is a problem, then what about farmer flatulence?
I've been rained out on the planting. But, I planted anyway. This was a bad idea. Planting into muddy not dead material usually ends in failure. Well, not failure, partial failure which is almost worse that total failure.
But, the peas are planted.

In other news, the alfalfa, peas, and oats combo that I planted earlier is growing. This may be because I said 10-32 instead of 10-34 when I asked my little helper to get fertilizer for me. He just heard the "32" and got me 32 solution instead of 10-34. The tank already had 10-34 in it which is green. This colored the new fertilizer and I didn't figure out I was putting on 32 percent instead of 10 percent. So it all has a pretty good boost of nitrogen to get started. (NPK) So far it is working quite well.

And then Orin came to visit. Had a nice chat with Orin. My brother ordered him some parts for his 2-135. Orin got a chance to see how things used to be done...


  1. I really enjoyed the visit, although I should have brought along some donuts and gotten there earlier for the famous "coffee time". Maybe next time.

  2. My dad used to talk about "muddin' in" potatoes. I guess there's no reason you can't mud in peas.

  3. Orin probably appreciated you hiatus from beans.

  4. Seed in the dust,, your bins will bust. That is the old saying here. Not sure how it goes about seeding in mud. We are about to be rained out here too. Of course we were never really out there yet so this just sets the ever moving target of the first day of seeding a little further in the distance.


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