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Sunday, March 9, 2014

G1355 engine photos, feed photos, blah, blah, blah...

There is a chance I could actually get the G1355 running for this season. I checked the torque on the head bolts.

I found out my clever digital torque wrench adapter only reads to 129 ft lbs which makes it useless for much of what I really need a torque wrench for. is kind of cool and comes with several adapters. Adapters are pretty cool. Every toolbox should have plenty of adapters for all sorts of adaptations.

I checked the valve clearances. I really hope I didn't get the intake valves and exhaust valves mixed up.

I had asked my little helper to hook up all the wires to the sensors and gauges. He spent a hour looking for a screw to attach the wire to the air filter sensor and didn't notice that the sensor was broken and dirty air could go directly into the intake manifold.

And here are some random photos of feed grinding which someone is going to steal for their chicken ranch website. In this day and age I'm a little afraid I'll post a photo that will get me arrested.


  1. I'm curious, where did you get that left hand drive hammer mill? Is it European?:-) All the mills I have here, or ever seen, have the drive pulley on the opposite side. That way the drive belt is away from the feed hopper so the operator is not likely to come in contact with it. I'm sure the safety police on agtalk would have something to say about working around open running drive belts. They sure told me.

  2. Ralph, It is a Minneapolis-Moline hammer mill. I can drive it from the other side by putting a twist in the belt. I have driven it both ways. I had problems with belts and having a twist in the belt gave me some issues.
    Also, I had the mill in a barn where I had to have the tractor heading into the barn but also had to feed the mill heading into the barn and I had to empty the sacker heading into the barn. So I kind of got used to running that way.
    My insurance guy just shook his head. He said I would probably not get in trouble for running the open flat belt because it is so unbelievably dangerous that no one would go near it. An obvious hazard. The dog won't go near it. He stays well away from the flat belt. Kind of funny.
    I think I posted the picture on NAT. But that was before the folks with tight knickers took over. Perhaps I will post again. I would like to get the hammer mill set up again. It was a lot of fun. The mixer grinder is not near as fun. It is just plain dusty and noisy and not very entertaining. In other words, work.

    1. MM of course. The color should have been a clue. I was referring to my dangerous behaviour in a youtube video of my hammermill at work last year. . I'll admit it "looks" dangerous but that smooth flat belt won't jump out and grab your pant legs.

    2. The color, ha, ha, I do have a case hammer mill but I run the Moline because I am a Moline admirer. I see you are running a twist in your belt so the feed points away from the tractor and belt. That is the proper way to do it. I have a shorter belt.
      I was at a demonstration of oil seed production and the guy running the demonstration reached inside the open flat belt on a Chinese oil press to adjust the fuel setting on the engine. I had just left a farm safety meeting. I nearly had a heart attack but It wasn't really my place to say anything so in true old farmer fashion I kept my mouth shut. Once the flat belt came off the pulley with so much force it tore one of the headlights off the Z. I am really afraid of the faltbelt myself.
      As a kid I helped Grandpa (7 years old?) cut scrap lumber into firewood with a buzz saw mounted on the front of a MM U. It was fascinating and terrifying all the same time.

  3. Told you you'd get it going. I'd like to drive it.

    Re: Smokey Yunick in your other post. I fell on the floor when I saw what his books are selling for now. I could have bought them for a song 15 years ago.


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