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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

R.I.P Fraulein Helga

Cynthia Lynn died Monday. She was my favorite secretary from Hogan's Heroes.
Here is the news article.
TMZ says she was the last surviving member of the original cast.
My daughter and I will be wearing black armbands.
She wrote a book called "Escape to Freedom." She was born in Latvia in 1937. I would think the book is about her early life.
If you buy it through my Amazon search box I will get .02 cents.

In other news...
The maroons who called the cops after being "trapped" in their bedroom by an annoyed cat are in the news again. The cat is getting therapy.
I say, shoot the cat and give the maroons therapy and gato burritos. It is not pet brutality if you eat it. Then it is called "hunting."
You have to read this more in depth article. 
1. The people are keeping the cat.
2. They are of course students at Portland State
3. The guy feels compelled to justify kicking the cat
4. People are offering to adopt the cat
5. People are offering, COUNSELING for the cat
6. Peta issued a statement.
There are absolutely hilarious quotes in this story....
There is one term that answers all six issues...

A quote from the article from Oregon Live:

"There are many ways to foster appropriate behavior in our animal companions, but violence — including kicking and spanking — should never be one of them," Daphna Nachminovitch, PETA senior vice president of cruelty investigations, said in a statement. "PETA encourages all families to use positive reinforcement, which allows animals to learn quickly without losing trust in their guardians."


  1. People amaze me, and that's not a GOOD thing.

  2. Simple solution. Keep the cat, get rid of the baby.

  3. How in the H-E double hockey sticks do you "counsel" a cat? Maybe play the Ledge for him?

    Oooh, I know! The cat should check into rehab!

  4. that cat needs to be rescued by from those people. maybe they just want attention. i wonder if they think they are doing everyone a service by talking about how ridiculous they are?
    ps my Nicholas could totally beat up that Lux. he's got a pound on him and probably a longer reach.

  5. I doubt the people realized that calling 911 over a crazy cat would get them in the London Daily Mail. They don't realize that by talking about their cat and calling the cops that they make themselves look silly in our eyes. We live a different life. It is really difficult to picture yourself living in apartment in portland.
    If I decided to become one of the modern underclass I'm going to get a tattoo of a big freaking battle battleship on my chest. And a heart with an anchor that says, "Mom" on my scrawny arm.

    1. after watching the local news we have decided that in order to GET on the news you need at least on unfortunate tattoo.

  6. A dreadnaught on one's chest? You just don't see that much...


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