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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bitterness 2

So the daughter and I were setting in the local Middle School parking lot waiting for WMS school bus. I asked her if she was ready for summer, she said no.
She doesn't want to change schools. I noted that we did not have the money to send her to WMS without the tuition break from her Mom's teaching position. She said she understood. But of course that is what she would say.
I have a hard time not being just a little bitter about the whole thing. I haven't been keeping this to myself...

Update: I came home and found a letter from the Department of Transportation saying my license was being suspended because my CDL physical was expired. So I went in to my Chiropractor to get the test done and my blood pressure was so high they sent me home. I know a guy with a Chronic card but he said that would drop my blood pressure but elevate my heart rate. Someone suggested taking a nap. Anther suggestion was nip of Old Grandad.
I kind of don't give a rip. On the way home took off my seat belt and talked on my cell phone just to keep the resistance alive. More and more regulations which do nothing to keep us safe. I hate bureaucrats.
Had another discussion about my wife being fired. I'm sort of amazed at people's lack of respect for local Mennonites and their institutions. I get comments like, "well they do like to feel important," and "oh yeah, it is all about the money." and "Well they like to be different when it suits them," and "yeah they hold you to the letter of the law when it is their favor but if it in your favor then they expect to be treated different."
And, "well that is what I expected out of him. I've known him for a while but I just keep my mouth shut." And, "that is why I don't give them money anymore."
Meanwhile all the important folks are congratulating themselves on "taking a stand," and praying for me that I'll have the right attitude.
Cut one more tie this morning and I feel better about it...Out of sight out of mind is my motto...
Now I'm going to go plant on a steep hillside. I will also have to talk to a fellow who may be going broke and if he does I will loose all my hay storage and move the tractor and drill down a busy highway.
Then I'm going back in to get my blood pressure checked.
My brother's little helper has gone on vacation or I'd get a Flexorall from him. His vacation is pretty funny since he only has worked three days this week. I said, "well you certainly deserve it," and I started laughing. He got angry with me.
Have a nice day...


  1. i'm so sorry. it's a hard thing.

    1. Fifteen years, she took pay cuts when there were budget problems, she did any job that was asked of her, she opened her class room to students, she raised money for the school auction, she help recruit students and the board at Western Mennonite school did not care. The administrator has no administrative experience, no higher education, and is one of those fast talkers who pretends to be your friend but is all about looking good and being important. No one in authority seems to care. My wife wants me to just shut up and get on with life. I suppose she is correct.

    2. you'll do just that when you are ready. it's ok. really. i carried a lot of bitterness for a while but it was exhausting so i finally set it down. you'll get there.

  2. Your daughter is old enough to be getting a real lesson in what things are like under the surface in the realm of the grown ups. Don't let them take your sense of humor.

    1. She is pretty smart but it is frustrating to find out the whole 'feet of clay' thing at a young age.

  3. It won't make you feel any better, but the scriptures do tell us that we reap what we sow. Their day will come. Try not to enjoy it when it does.

    1. I don't care about retribution I want them to stop screwing up a perfectly good school and I want my daughter to be able to attend that school.

  4. Maybe this will help your blood pressure (bourbon is optional):

    Sorry about the WMS deal, but I have a feeling that Gorges is right.

  5. "The Lazy Farmer" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.


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