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Monday, December 23, 2013

The world looks different at 9 a.m. than it does at 3 a.m.

Yesterday evening mildly annoyed at the drunk people yelling and the Bob Marley oldies guy at our hotel bar and his war of the oldies with the one-man-band next door. I started to write a blog about it. Apparently I was at the "push send" stage when the daughter started really coughing.
She developed a fever and started shaking.
I got a bucket of ice and wife got wash cloths and we took turns cooling her down. We thought it was going to be ok at 11 and wife went after more supplies.
It was the worst from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m.
We started wondering how things were at the ER room at the St. Petersburg Beach hospital.
It is 9 a.m. and things are better.
For those of you who are the praying sort, this would be a good time for that.
We may not make it to see MuddyValley's life work in stained glass today or and melting clocks today.
Glad we are NOT camping.


  1. Get well. All of you! My son in Tampa says he has had the same thing. Three or four days now & he says it's going away.
    Avoid ERs if at all possible. Buy a cheap digital thermometer for S------. Best to know exactly how high her temp is.

  2. At 103, perhaps 102 throw her in the shower/tub w/ cold water. Kids are tough. Sounds you're having a memorable vacation. Florida is full of bugs and unpleasant animals.

  3. I am an RN... never use freezing water.. but cold and give tylenol at directed on the bottle on a regular basis. Lastly you cool the person from the inside out with cold drinks.

  4. Hi everybody, Thanks for your concern. We still having a good time in Florida away from rain, feeble snow, cold mud, work, other annoying issues.


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