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Monday, December 23, 2013

Dueling Pathetic One Man Bands at St. Pete Beach-the post I forgot to publish at 10 p.m. Sunday Evening

I was heavily lobbying for camping. We were looking at Ft. DeSoto park. Beachfront camping spots for $35. We even bought a tent. We were trying to figure out how to brew coffee without spending too much money on camping supplies.
Then everyone got sick.
So we scrubbed travel and adventure for a comfortable hotel room. We are back at the Howard Johnson at St. Pete Beach. Went shopping at Publix cause we couldn't find a Piggly-Wiggly.
However, my brain is about to explode from 1. Thumpy Bass Music, 2. Dueling mediocre one man bands. 3. Dueling mediocre one man bands and 20 something males whooping. 4. Middle aged morons revving their fake Harley's.
The beach is nice.
We are still coughing.
I will be well tomorrow.
Things that I can deal with, Freezing cold hotel room, roasting hotel room, bugs in the drawers, being sick, getting lost, traffic jams...


  1. Well, this vacation will certainly be REMEMBERED. I hope the remainder is better.

    1. Perhaps this is why I don't really like vacations

  2. With a Florida cities comes Heat,Cold, Humidity, Bugs, traffic, and more bugs and traffic. Head out of the city!
    Fewer mosquitos his time of year.
    Watch the manatees at Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park

  3. We sat by the pool and watched the local manatees. Did not see any windows today.


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