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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

More positive thoughts!

My daughter has been sick so I have been working on sending out bills and figuring out what I need to buy before the end of the year.
I ordered 24 new coulters for my Great Plains drill. By ordering 24 I got the price down by two dollars per row.
I called about tires for the 2-155.
I can get four bias-ply Goodyear tires for $5,700 installed. (Two front and two rears)
I could get radials for $7,500. I think that would be Titians. Some people don't like Titians.
I really wanted Firestones. They used to be the best.
Of course who knows? A new tire will last a decade at least and by that time the company could chance everything.
It is sort of a hard decision.
The rear tires are 18.4-38's and the front are 16.9-26. The fronts are an odd size which limits my choices.
The question is- Would radials give me that much more flotation and traction over bias ply? I'm getting a long-bar/short-bar pattern because they are supposed to wear better going down the highway. I rarely pull the tractor brutally hard. It is mostly pulling a 15ft no-till drill behind a 160hp tractor at 6.5 mph.
After reaching the limits of my decision making abilities I retreated to the shop to alternate between working on the G1355 and repainting the uncle's sign.
I couldn't find the orbital sander.
I did get the transmission cooler lines hooked up in front of the radiator.
I printed and lost the wiring diagram.
A fellow no-tiller stopped by and looked at my no-till drill.
I attempted to look up Newholland parts online out at the shop but the airport is not working correctly.
I helped my dad in the restroom.
I put air in my sister-in-law's tire.
I checked on my daughter.
I scratched
my nose.
I spent one hour attempting to attach the oil cooler lines to the three speed shifter and stripped one completely.
This could mean I have to pull the hydra-shift or amplitorque or what ever they call it. This means the tractor splits part into three sections.
I didn't even say a bad word.
I was going to take a photo by my phone quit.
I thought about grinding my phone to a powder but I didn't.
I shut off the lights and went to the house.
It was 7 p.m.
I am now looking at the online job openings for janitors and groundskeepers at the local college...

And moving to Belize...

Note: Just because I am frustrated does not mean that I am not aware of pain and suffering in the world. I am frustrated in my little fishbowl and so you read about it in this blog. And now my phone has chimed that I have a message. Is this my wife or daughter texting about forgotten glasses or a text book which will give me an excuse to take a drive or is it my brother's sometimes a great employee texting that he will not be coming to work? I do not know. Perhaps I will continue to set here in my easy chair and wonder. Of course if my brother is reading this at some truckstop or on WiFii in his truck sleeper he will most likely have no sympathy for me. He will probably think I am a ma-roon for stripping the threads on that cooler line. An hour! I spent an hour trying to get those lines hooked up. Did I mention how difficult it was to get the lines into position? I must get more coffee.... Look at the phone... Go to work....


  1. You did read this didn't you? I think you are over-qualified.
    "Work is classified as heavy work of a physical nature in a campus environment with exposure to weather elements working indoors and outdoors. Work involves stooping, kneeling, crouching, reaching, standing, walking, pushing, pulling, lifting, grasping, feeling, talking, hearing, seeing and repetitive motions. Physical exertion of up to 100 pounds of force occasionally, and/or up to 50 pounds of force frequently, and/or up to 20 pounds of forces constantly to move objects."

    1. I just spent the afternoon selling hay, pulling on wrenches and I also used my key chain! How could I not be qualified to be a janitor!

  2. Well, on the positive side, at least with the janitor's job you probably wouldn't have to pay for the things that you broke. ? Speaking from the great white north where wind chills are in the depressing -30C range today.

    1. Ralph, Do you have a good rocking chair?

    2. Got two actually, but they are family heirlooms that I never use. I prefer something with more upholstery and these days I am more into reclining than rocking.

  3. Working the night shift in a college residence hall could have a few interesting moments.

    1. The best part of being a janitor is that the girls never get any older....
      Um, I didn't just say that. I've been hacked!
      Actually, it would probably be just mostly annoying moments!


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