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Thursday, December 5, 2013

I repair the offending hydraulic line

It is 17 degree F outside.
I've been thinking I should really check on the hot tub. By checking I mean walking out on my porch stark nekked and getting in. Perhaps with some Legendary Stardust Cowboy on the HiFi and a nice hot cup of Swiss Miss hot chocolate heavily laced with Peppermint Schnapps.
One would not want the pump to freeze up!
I wonder if other farmers would stop by and talk to me?
I once told my sometimes a big helper that I would give him $100 if in hot weather he would drive the silage truck naked, and then when the dairyman wanted to talk to him for a half hour each load, he would get out of the truck and casually stretch and ask for baby powder.
He refused.
I repaired my cross-threaded hydraulic line.
I went to town and bought a new double flare collar thingy. I'm pretty sure that is the exact term. Strangely enough, I could not buy 1/2" brake line off the rack. I was told they only stock it up to 3/8.
I exclaimed, "But are we mice or are we men?" and the nice lady just looked at me funny and wandered off.
The autoparts stores just don't hire the quality of help they once did.

The Offending Part

So I dug out my double flaring tool set and I even found the instructions.
I did a practice run on a discarded section of tubing. It turned out perfectly.
I carefully trimmed the old flare off of the offending line. I removed the old collar. I chamfered the edges of the trimmed tubing. I made sure the edges were square and level.
I put the tubing in the special die clamper thingy.
I used the die to set the height of the tubing.
I clamped it.
The special clampy thingy in the vice

Then I remembered I had not installed the new collar first!
I installed the new collar. It was a tight fit.
I put the die in the end of the tube and tightened the press thingy.
I looked like it was working.
The die is supposed to make the end of the tubing round over towards the inside. But of course my double flare set is an old American Brand that has been almost ruined by the fabled Chinese Export Craftsmanship.
Then I removed the die and used the pointy part of the clamp to make a regular flare.
I don't think it really worked right.
But it is now installed.
Try and get your fingers and a wrench in there!

Perhaps when it starts pouring out ATF it will be warm outside...
Of course it didn't go quite that smooth....
Along they way there were several stops for loading hay, chicken feed, random acts of laziness, lunch, hot chocolate, but no nap.
Perhaps today will be more efficient?

An Update: I found another corn picture and so here it is! Perhaps I already posted it. Who knows? Like I actually read my own blog!!!


  1. And here I thought it was the hard to reach fitting! Cheer up, it's the top one. Much easier to pull off if it leaks.

  2. 17 degrees? Maybe time to put some anti freeze in that hot tub before it freezes up. Right now we are closer to -17 degrees with wind chill factor making it feel like -40C. Gives me an excuse to not go outside.

    1. So you are saying the anti freeze goes in the hot tub instead of the hot chocolate?
      Yes, you should stay inside and post videos on u-tube and argue with John Deere owners on NAT

  3. i'm so glad you posted the pic of the corn because i couldnt get past "naked" and i was going to be emotionally scarred.

    1. Speaking of naked, I'm thinking of getting a spray on tan for Florida.
      Just my face, neck, and hands-of course!

  4. also, do you know that guy who doesnt even have a dumb job? cuz i keep posting comments on his blog and i'm guessing he thinks i'm a crazy person. if you know him, please tell let him know i'm not a crazy person and that we probably have a lot in common. if you dont know him then i will say you have an odd variety of blogs on your list. that is all. other than we are fixin' to get ours tomorrow. we are all buckled in for the snomaggedeon that starts tonite!

    1. The jobless gentleman is a follower. I'm not sure he really wanted me to link to him. I sometimes post as well. I'm sure he realized we are all a little eccentric.

    2. he probably wonders who the heck all these crazy farmers are... with their corn pictures and all. tee hee hee well. bless his heart.

      and yes please. a spray tan would be perfect.

  5. I remember doing that on a similar tractor at Hixson MM in Blanchester in the early 70's.


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