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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A couple random photos of fine cusine

We had to try the Waffle House...
We had breakfast at the Waffle House yesterday morning. I had grits and eggs and raisin toast. I like raisin toast.
Our waitress was comically grumpy. I kept wanting to laugh. I expected her to say, "what's in your wallet?" She was not young. We tried our best to be friendly and make her smile.
Then suddenly she began singing, "oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree!"
I love Florida.
There was no police activity in the parking lot, despite what they say on Yelp!

It was a Twistee Treat not a Tasty Freeze


  1. They get a nine on presentation, but only a six on volume. ;-)

  2. yay waffle house!!! but dude, you gotta get the waffles. and get the taters all fancied up.

  3. Is that the Twistee Treat in Zephyrhills? Or did they move it. It was for sale about the time I left Fl.


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