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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Slow moving traffic

So I was sitting in the stacker at a rural intersection in the middle of nowhere late last night and I see a car coming. I really wanted to pull out in front of him but I thought it would be rude. The head lights are pretty bright.
I kept sitting there.
And sitting there...
I thought, "man that guy is going slow."
I decided to pour some coffee out of my every present thermos.
Contrary to old farmer tradition it was not Crown Roy-al coffee. It was just your standard coffee hand roasted by MuddyValley.
And that is when I saw the putt-putt car was a vintage Mercedes...
Speaking of MuddyValley...
He is getting to be kind of an old plugger, shouldn't he be in bed at 11 p.m.?
Won't that old Mercedes go faster that 25 mph?
Made me thing of this song...
And here is a song for Collieguy which has to do with spin cycles.

Note: My wife suggested I comment about Scooter Boy bringing his post hole auger over and drilling the water line to the sister-in-laws garden but it is a little painful and I have to go to work...


  1. I am really glad to hear you are thinging of songs instead of singing of thongs. It would not be a good thing to set the bar any higher for the Ledge.

  2. It was not me, it was my wife. She said she was going 30, not 25. I try to drive at least 45mph on the local back roads, so as to allow certain tractor driving types to pass me, instead of them trying to wave me around them on blind curves which is the norm.

    1. Ooops...
      Your wife is very nice. I made the whole thing up! She was driving at a respectable clip. I'm mean not too fast.
      Also, not to slow.
      I just made the wholethingup.

  3. wait... Muddy roasts coffee? really? link for some how-to's if you got 'em.

    1. I might post about it if I had more readers. :-)

    2. If you posted about it you might GET more readers, Mr. Negative bottom...

  4. Post it and they will stay awake to read...I vote with OFG.

    1. I wanted to build a better mousetrap but I doubt it would help...

  5. Ok Ok. I'll get something together.


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