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Monday, July 29, 2013

News-Register wins awards but doesn't report on three combine fires and a hay press that is still burning (smoking)

Of course now you can't read the "premium" stories because they want you to pay. We are on again off again subscribers but I don't even bother putting someone else's password in to read the "in-depth reporting."
I was attempting to find out about several local fires and broke down and went to the NR website. They have a "breaking story" about a fire that has been out for several days. No mention of the large hay press that is still emitting smoke from the wreckage. I know there have been several combine fires in the last week. Sounds like a dangerous fire season ahead.
I will admit to reading the stories under google cached documents. This feels like I'm stealing and I like it. Makes the reporting seem more "in-depth." Sort of like stolen watermellon tasting sweeter.
News-Resistor wins awards-whoop! whoop!
If you actually want to know what is going on around you, the have to have the right network of friends on facebook.
I find it hilarious that the News-Register wins awards. Perhaps it is because there are only five local newspapers left in the USA.
I do enjoy Karl K's features on local people and locations and think he should win an award and I like Rose's column. I suppose I should not fault the NR on local news coverage. The problem is after years of being misquoted by that idiot that used to be the sports reporter nobody wants to talk.
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--- Update, the hay press did not burn up. Only a very large straw stack outside was on fire. We would all have known that if there was any news coverage in the area. A cloud of smoke that could be seen for 20 miles?


  1. It would be nice to read something in the on-line edition that took place recently. The front page usually is a week or two behind the times. My wife feels like we should support the endangered local paper before they all go extinct, but the price is excessive for what you get in the way of old news. In the meantime I'll keep her happy. It will always be useful for starting the wood furnace in the winter.

  2. The problem with the News-Register is that the editors don't know the paper sucks. It sucks because only certain people contribute and give information to the paper. It sucks because Paul Dalaquartapintamonta has been misquoting people for the past couple decades and no one bothers to set him straight because they all think he is a moron.
    I might really like the paper if I was part of the winery crowd. Or if I was not just permanently in a bad mood...


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