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Friday, July 19, 2013

My final statement on the recent news events-like anyone cares...

I was going to post about corn but the first headline that I saw upon opening my browser and looking at the news feed was to the effect that anyone's child who likes skittles and hoodies could be shot at anytime for no reason... Click Here to find out what Kelly thinks...
It it that people are just stupid?
Is it that people can go through life never knowing how things really work?
We live in two worlds. What everyone wants to believe is real and what actually happens. In the 21st century reality seems to be only what you say it is.
I guess it all boils down to people believing what they really want to believe.
I've been busy.
A lot of driving around in circles in a stacker with no radio.
So the other day when I figured what really happened in the TM incident I had no one to tell. I was going to call MuddyValley but I figured he really didn't want to hear me rant.
One of the very important things to learn in life is when to cut and run.
I never learned that, but that is another story.
So here's the deal.
TM heads to the store cause he has the munchies. We don't need to comment about the time of day or what he was wearing cause random stuff happens. There is always an exception.
On the way home he attracts the attention of the amateur neighborhood watch captain.
TM does not know that here have been problems in the neighborhood caused by kids who look like him.
TM is talking to a girl on the phone and thinks he is king of the world. After all he is 17 years old.
He decides to teach the "Creepy-arsed white Cracker a lesson."
I'm not so sure I really blame him that much, I understand his point of view. I don't like people who want to be cops.
So he punches Z in the face and knocks him down.
I'm still ok with him at this point.
Now what he should have done was run. There is a point where you have to decide when to quit. Jumping on the guy and beating his head against the pavement puts you into a whole different situation. It becomes life and death.
If he wanted to prove his point then a good kick to the ribs or the balls would have left Z writhing in pain and not thinking about his gun.
Then TM should have ran like bloody-heck.
But, no... he had to get out some anger.
So is there anyone using this incident as a teaching moment.
"Son, when you punch a creepywhiteassedcracker, knock him down and get the heck out of there, you know the cops will beat the crap out of you, there ain't no point in getting in one more punch when you might get your arse shot off"
I suspect not...
By the way, I did not know that creepyassedwhitecracker is NOT a racial slur. However, many creepyassedwhiteliberals think not...
You know most of those people at Jonestown drank the "Kool-Aid" on their own...


  1. They need to outlaw hoodies, or at least register them and not sell any to those under 18.

  2. That is just it. We get going about hoodies and people of color and the inherit racism in the system and all this funny analysis and forget real life.
    The problem with humans is that they try to assign deeper meaning to random events.
    Also, we found out that when talking imaginary oppression black trumps brown any day of the week.

  3. Z should have run too, at the moment where TM popped out of the darkness and asked him if he had a problem. TM likely wouldn't have chased him if he had raised his jacket as he ran to expose his gun.

    If TM had kicked him in the balls and ran, Z might still have shot him. But a bullet in the back would have been hard for Z to explain with no pictures of injuries sustained. TM might still be dead but Z would be in jail.

    So tell your kids, in that type of situation, don't put a mark on your attacker, make him chase you down or shoot you in the back.

    I've always thought the law of two men fighting is, and should be, that both men go to jail. TM gets out of a battery charge in this case only because he's dead.

    Self-defense is for completely unprovoked attacks, such as when someone comes at you in your home, that sort of thing.

    1. Indeed! When Kelly said: "You know, I just keep going back to that place, I think like so many parents do, and my son would have been scared to death."
      If so then perhaps he would have the good sense to avoid a confrontation. He just didn't know the other guy had a gun.

  4. In answer to your first two questions, yes, yes.

    In response to your next two comments, yes, yes.

    Left Bank obviously lives in such a world. If two drunks are fighting in a bar, granted both of them should suffer the same fate but in the real world it is often one person who starts a fight and the other person has a choice of standing and being beaten, running and being chased and beaten or fighting back. Bullies and thugs only understand resistance and compliance. They avoid one and seek out the other.

    Now get back to your corn. I want to eat next week.

    Grace and peace.


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