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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Corn Pictures for the corn curious

I thought people only read blogs to see complaints and boring trivial details of uneventful lives. And photos of Elk being abducted by aliens while a strange yellow orb appears from their nose.
But, the people have spoken and here is the post I've been saving.
There are few details due to the fact that I picked up bales rather late last night and overslept and have to go pick up more bales for more farmers and I suppose next you will want to see pictures of hay bales.
This is why we decided to stop working the ground and start no-tilling it. If you notice the black object with two handles and a gauge on top? It is a compaction meter. It has another three feet of stainless steel probe attached to it. It sunk to the handles with virtually no effort on my part.  Two years of annual ryegrass seems to have broken up the hard pan? Either that or it is mud a foot below the surface.

This is what it looks like after it is planted. Note the grass on the right side and foreground of the photo. It appears dead, but it reappears in later photos. (5/19/2013)

Here it is coming up a few days later. (6/1/2013)

Here it is again... (6/19/2013) Note that the grass is starting to come back. See right side of photo below.
Here it is again. (6/28/2013)
That stinking grass won't die!!!
So far we have not had to irrigate. Think it is starting to stress a little with 95 degree temps. Probably getting water today or tomorrow. Have not heard what terrible crisis most likely happened yesterday at home. I was off stacking.
And now I'm going to work. Enjoy your corn pone prone porn corn something...


  1. *the crowd goes wild* yay!!!

    btw, i'm experimenting with winter rye for my bad soil. it might be working.

  2. Corn porn & hoes?
    No corn pone for us. Our garden corn patch has grass higher than what little corn actually sprouted. Couldn't even hoe it because the grass came up before the corn.

  3. Amazing what happens when people band together! ;-) Incidentally, I see Ed has a picture of people HOEING on his blog today. Have you ever HEARD of such a thing?

  4. Interesting to us city folk.

    Grace and peace.


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