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Monday, May 27, 2013

Who says you can't fight City Hall.

This guy did it with a bulldozer.
(Click Here)
In solidarity with Marvin Heemeyer I am boycotting Mountain Park Concrete.
I find it amazing to watch police in action. They take themselves so seriously.
You can watch the news footage if you click here.


  1. I remember that being on the news. I think I'll boycott Mountain Park Concrete myself! lol

    1. I suppose it would be more of a threat if we had any money or actually lived in Colorado

  2. Thats mad! Good vehicle for the end of the world though!

    1. The guy spent a year building the bulldozer armor. In the end it was the radiator that stopped him.
      It is interesting to watch the cops try to stop him. They try to shoot the operator. You can see bullets hitting the operator area but It took an accident to hit the radiator.
      I was also amazed at how long it ran without water.
      That was one big bulldozer.

    2. Imagine what he could have done if it was powered by Deutz!

      I guess I'm too much of a gearhead....the whole time I was not thinking of the morality of the act, but of the mechanics of how his armor fit and how long the thing continued w/o water.

    3. Orin, I was wondering how the radiator failed. Was it shot with something high calibre? It looked like a huge failure, lots of water. In the end it looked like an oil puddle as well.
      I was amazed it kept running that long.
      He made the shell and then lowered it on top of himself. I'd have like to have seen him keep going for a while longer. That was a pretty impressive amount of damage!

  3. I remember when that happened too. How many others have secretly wanted to do that at times.

    1. Yes, the authorities scrapped the bulldozer at multiple locations to keep people from saving parts of it.
      They sure hate to have their authority challenged.
      I thought it was funny how the sheriff was coming up with all these "what if" statements to make the guy a real villain.
      He obviously had a list of targets and pretty focused on the list.
      They didn't know that at the time of course and so had to react as if he was going to murder the whole town. I suppose...


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