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Monday, May 6, 2013

I get a surprise in the mail!

We have a post office box in town. It is usually my wife's task to check it as she drives through town on her way to work. However she has been quite busy with her school's fundraising auction and so I have been checking the mail.
I'm looking for a couple checks from my no-till business.
I got quite a surprise when I checked the mail last time.
It was not the checks.
I did get one payment, it was from the oldest person with the smallest field. He always pays promptly.
But, for as much as one may wish it, you can't turn $800 into $12,000. Plus, I'm sure he would have noticed.
I had notice for a package. I could not think what I had ordered. I've stopped buying records after I realized I was not finding any real treasures for $2 a pop. (Everyone on eBay has a record collector guide and anything worth bringing home on vinyl goes for $20 and up.)
I got the package.

I was quite excited! A whole case of girl-scout cookies and my wife and daughter are not at home!
I was hoping there were some of those peppermint ones in there as I ripped open the packaging.
But alas, it was a corn planter monitor...

I bought it on eBay.
I didn't think the e-check had time to clear yet. This means I better deposit that check I received!
It is a SM-3000 so that means we will have population and spacing without reading the LED and matching the number to the population chart.
Now all I need are five more rebuilt row units, new parallel bar linkage, those Martin row cleaners, spiked closing wheels...and...
Have a nice day, I'm going to go drive and circles and pretend my phone doesn't work so I have one more day before I have to go pick up bales for all the neighbors who are happy to see me now but will most likely be annoyed when everyone starts baling at the same time and I am not ready.


  1. A Cookie box? Was that some kind of corny joke?
    The nerve of that guy.

  2. Bummer! Atleast it wasn't toilet paper.

  3. One time I recieved a large box labeled "Condoms" that actually had old Chevy truck parts in it. No joke.

    At least it didn't say "Extra small size"!

    1. You didn't scratch that out and write in "Extra Grande" in crayon?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Orin is re-considering.
    Were the the truck parts for a pickup?


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