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Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Post Memorial Day Post

I feel remiss in not celebrating one of our nation's sacred holidays.
Decoration day was originally a day to honor those who died in the war of Northern Aggression  or if you prefer, Lincoln's War.
I found a classic Hoyt Axton song for your enjoyment.
I have a fascination towards the unrepentant. I didn't fully appreciate the Southern "attitude" until I read the title story from Allan Stilltoe's, the Loneliness of the Long Distance runner. It was collection of short stories set in post WWII England. It had nothing to do with the Civil War but much to do with the "Clever Folks" destroying a country. But perhaps that was just my perspective, I could have gotten the whole message wrong, I was only 13 years of age.
But, when the runner stopped running it changed my life...


  1. Would a society descended from the old south be selling Smithfield along with the remains of Farmland, Armour and John Morrell to the Chinese? Yankee traders won the war, but they are squandering the peace.

    And the South had the best music...

    1. I blame yankees for everything so I will have to say the Southern society I imagine would never do such a thing.
      Mostly they would set around and play fiddle music and drink iced tea.

  2. The South was morally wrong on one issue, but legally right. The North was legally wrong, but morally right ON ONE ISSUE only. The thing I wonder is what would have happened in the world wars if there had been no UNITED States.

  3. Actually the South was probably divided on the issue of Slavery. The 1865 election showed a split between candidates, only one of which was staunchly pro slavery. The split divided the Southern vote and Lincoln won.
    They all united for the cause of Southern Independence. I think what happened after the war was the biggest cause for racism. "The Negro" came to represent what everyone hated about the Yankee telling the Southern what to do.
    Some people say things would have been different if Lincoln would have been president instead of a former war General.


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