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Friday, March 1, 2013

I fix the barn

Speaking of hiring a retired farmer to follow me around... As Kev pointed out, this would not always work out so well...
So, I was loading hay for a retired fellow yesterday.
I've been just a little uptight, not so uptight that I don't blog at 7:20 a.m. today, but I've been working late. I have to get my grain drill ready to plant Saturday, or Monday. I've discovered it needs a lot more work than I thought.
My sometimes-a-great-employee was going to help but he many crisis events yesterday.
So, I'm loading hay and there is a piece of tin loose on the side of the barn. It is making a lot of noise. The retired guy says he is going to bring me an extension ladder and will help me.
I say sure, if you climb the ladder. It is a tall building.
Then he brings over the ladder. He just drops off his trailer which has the ladder strapped to it.
It is a 10 foot extension ladder. The barn is something like 20ft to the eaves. The ladder is not going to work as you can see.

He threatens to come back and help me.
So I got the old loader tractor out and pushed the berry vines away from the shed.

Then I climbed the loader, and then the hay pick up fork thing that attaches in place of the bucket. It was a little twitch in the wind. I didn't have the nerve to stand on tiptoe and screw in the last little bit below the eves.

I am afraid of heights.
Here is a view of death row future projects to restore.
An update: 8:30 a.m. After laying under the grain drill and busting my knuckles on stubborn bolts I came back to the house for fresh coffee, but forgot my coffee cup. So I decided to check my mail, and I see I have comments, and perhaps an update is in order.
This is the view before I climbed the loader. The tractor is sort of stuck, I debated about just leaving it there for six months but decided perhaps that was just pathetic... It was holding the tin against the wall.
I would have like to see Mr. MuddyValley standing on the end of an extension ladder strapped to the hay fork!


  1. It appears that his plan worked! ;-)

  2. Just as well I wasn't there. I would have strapped the ladder on to the loader. Probably wouldn't have climbed up it though.

    1. You can come over and help me cut 20 seed flaps out of old belting. I miss-counted when I put in my pre-season order. By 20... Of course the local dealer did not re-order and is charging me shipping. Should have used the further away dealer.

  3. Update: Quote "Probably wouldn't have climbed up it though." Almost certainly wouldn't have!

  4. That reminds me, I need to call someone to fix my yardlight. Even if I dared climb up the springy aluminum extension ladder I would not know how to fix the light. A little more complicated than just changing the bulb like in the old days. I have to keep reminding myself that I am one fall away from sudden forced retirement.

  5. I fell off a church roof one time. It was great fun on the way down. The problem was the landing. Remember the thrill isn't always worth the final reward.

    Grace and peace.


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