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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Driving by FarmerGPS

If you have ever wondered what it is like to drive by a computer screen....

Having some problems with the accuracy. I just have a little Garmin 18 USB. I bought it for $35. It is not quite the same as a $2000 Novatel antenna.
Sort of like, 10 foot accuracy for a drill on 7.5" spacing. But it gets me sort of close.
Notice there is a little bit of a climb and a little sidehill.
Planting peas. The peas are for seed but the seed will eventually be used to sprout and then people eat the sprouts.


  1. Hey, maybe I could rig up one of those on my lawn-mower and put a brick on the gas pedal!

    1. I tried it on the lawn mower but I ran into the garden shed. I'm not that good at video games.

  2. Looks like it paints a pretty accurate picture of the ground as you work it. I get the same on my ezee guide 500. Sure saves my sanity when spraying crops and trying to see a non existent wheel mark in the crop

    1. It works quite well actually. Plus it ties in to the Micro-trak rate controller and starts and stops recording when fertilizer starts flowing. It also changes color if the rate is out of range.
      Plus he keeps upgrading the program and doesn't charge for the upgrades.

  3. It would be easier on your back & neck if you could figure out a way to push the drill instead of pulling it.

  4. I guess I'm pretty lucky. Both pieces of equipment that I drive have Raven systems in them with auto-steer. I can auto steer around the field for my second headland and then go back and forth the whole field by just pushing buttons. My sprayer even knows when to turn itself off and on at headlands.

    That being said, I didn't have to spend any money myself. I updated the screen in my floater last year and it cost $8,000.

    1. Well the money is a bit of a problem. I'd like to try out auto-steer.
      FarmerGPS has an auto-steer option. I think the mechanical parts are $1400.
      I think I probably should start with a little better antenna.


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