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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A CO2 rocket and more work avoidance

Whilst the real farmers spread fertilizer and hauled straw and repaired stuff I shirked responsibility yesterday.
I spent the morning trying to figure out how to form an LLC to sell feed. After lunch I helped my uncle dig a grave. Just a small grave. One to fit an urn.
It was a sunny day and the fields are drying out. I should be planting but the drill and tractor are both apart.
Next i went to work on my tractor but stopped by the bank on my way. I have discovered that the government has done its best to make it difficult to start a business. Especially if you are intimidated by paperwork and regulations.
Once in the bank I ran into a neighbor who sold me some large grain tanks. I had to back out of the deal when I realized there is so much worthless crap setting around our farm that there is nowhere to put grain tanks.
In a happy and cheerful mood I drove to my cousin's shop where I have my drill and tractor. He was having difficulties working on his new used truck transmission and so I helped him.
After a while some neighbors showed up and I went home.
My wife had made coffee.
After a cup I headed back to the shop to make a hitch for the Allen twin rake. This is one of the 15 projects I have started and will never finish.
True to form I was distracted.
It all started with an airgun CO2 cylinder that has been in the way in my toolbox for two years. I was looking for a center punch and I found the cylinder. I got to wondering if you dropped the CO2 cylinder down a pipe onto a center punch, would it shoot out like a mortar?
I assembled parts.
A broken five foot sprinkler riser. A cat II to cat I three point top link adapter which just fit over the CO2 cylinder, and various pipe fittings.

The problem was to get the CO2 cylinder to hit the end of the center punch straight on.

In the end I used pipe reducers to center the CO2 cylinder and the center punch.

I clamped the whole thing in the vice and aimed it skyward.

Since the CO2 cylinder was too light to drop down the barrel I struck the punch with a hammer. The cylinder let out a whoosh as all was quiet. The thought occurred to me that this would have been much better in daylight.
I started counting.
Once I hit ten I went back in the shop. Just as I turned away a heard the cylinder hit the bushes across the fence from the shop.
I'm thinking it went fairly high.
Perhaps I will find another cylinder today.
See how well your 1.2 million dollar investment would be used?


  1. I find that having my fields buried under 2 feet of snow helps take away the guilt of work avoidance.

    1. But shouldn't you be working on something in the shop?

    2. Budde's problem is that instead of snow, he is buried under old farm machinery, old stereo components, and old toys. I have a lot of the same problems.

    3. Too cold. Thats my excuse. No guilt here.

  2. "I don't bother work, work don't bother me..." Don't remember who recorded that.


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