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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I watch PBS

Last night I watch, "The Most Dangerous Man in America," on PBS. It is the story of the fellow who leaked the infamous pentagon papers. My daughter who is ill was laying on the couch catching up on her reading and she had questions.
In trying to explain the war and the issues surrounding it I made some observations.
1. Being afraid of the Soviets was more real in 1970 than it seems looking back.
2. It is really amazing how closely the events of the past decade mimic the Vietnam era, especially when you look at it in hindsight.
3. The difference between Vietnam and the war on commies who were not in Russia vs the war on Islamics who are not in Iran is interesting.

I suspect the basic difference between the two wars is that in 1965 lots of college professors were of the left leaning sort and there was the draft. Today there is a professional military and not of lot of Islamic college professors.

After watching this program I am going to find an anti-war person who voted for our dear leader and ask that person exactly how they are able to rationalize voting for someone who personally orders the execution of civilians, supports torture, and has prosecuted whistle-blowers within the government.
I will try and phrase it in a non combative way.
I suspect I will get a really good lesson in rationalization.
I suspect the phrase, "but you voted for Bush," will come up.
I will respond with, "I only made that mistake once..."

When I was a kid and read science fiction, I hoped for flying cars and replicon dinners, and trips to the moon. I did not wish for the death star or tracking chips or long for the world of Orwell and Blade Runner. Max Headroom would not be a hero in today's world, because nobody would care!

Have a nice day...


  1. You won't and can't win! The lesson will be that you shouldn't have bothered. I didn't vote for either Bush nor Obama and Some have told me that I threw away my vote. I don't think I did, for reasons I won't get into here.
    I too see little difference between the two wars. There will be no winners, certainly not us. We are the camel's nose, not the elephant!

  2. I watched PBS too last night but our frozen white North version had a program on Henry Ford. I wondered if thats who you meant when you said the most dangerous man in America.

  3. I never really understood the fuss about the Pentagon Papers, but then I don't understand the WikiLeaks fuss either.

  4. We're not in an Orwell world yet. We can still say what we like on the Internet.


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