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Monday, January 14, 2013

It is the Republicans

Who are going to sell you out in the end...

The devil is of course in the detail. Seven round magazines mean your 10/22 is illegal.
Of course the your therapist must report you if they suspect you actually need therapy. This is one of the more evil aspects of 21st century America. There is no chance for redemption. If you feel guilty about being TEMPTED to be sick pre-vert and go to a therapist or a clergyman then they have to report you. If you are a student and confide in a trusted teacher they will have to rat you out. So if you think you might have a problem you would be a fool to ask a professional for help.
So you are feeling depressed cause your wife just left you and go to a therapist and the next thing you know a SWAT team is knocking down your door.

So we were watching Hogan's Heros and my daughter asked what country would torture prisoners of war and I got to tell her, "We do!" It was too hard to explain convoluted 21st century thought so I just told her we were now the Germans as shown in Hogan's Heros and that is why people around the world now hate us.

You want to try and explain it differently for me?


  1. The best part of the story is where they give gun owners a year to sell their high-capacity magazines out of state. Because they are too dangerous to own, except outside New York State where they are perfectly safe.

    It seems to me that there is a question of degree that is being ignored, such as when the kid is so creepy that he is forced out of school.

    As far as torture, I assure you anything done was under the watchful eye of a pretty Hollywood actress. I think many people around the world got over hating us when so many of our soldiers got killed or wounded.

  2. Yeah, I liked not in New York provision as well.
    Also, the question of degree is a pretty good question. It is the problem with all these zero-tolerence rules. If you are qualified enough to be a therapist and give people life changing advice, then you also should be trusted to determine if a person is a danger to society. Perhaps it would be better to have a threat of a possible lawsuit if you make a mistake rather than a rule forcing you to rat out your patient.

    I actually don't think people around the world hate Americans. When I have been in foreign countries they generally liked individual Americans. Of course this was before we officially used Vietcong torture techniques on a regular basis. It may not really affect world opinion all that much because the only people in the world who actually like the "Islamists" are white liberals.

  3. As I've said before, I left the republicans because they act like democrats (who act like communists).

  4. I am amazed at the separation of view points. One the one side you have statistics showing disarmed populations have just as much or more crime, on the other side they show disarming reduces gun violence.
    One group quotes the framers of the constitution and the writings of influential thinkers who shaped the beginnings of the country and we see that the second amendment is to prevent the government taking away individual liberties and enslaving the people. As in the Tyranny that the founders of the country fled to come here.
    On the other side they swear a militia means the national guard.
    I have yet to see anyone change sides...

  5. No mention of what kind of therapist or what degree he or she might hold. This gives way too much power to way too many people that the odds say are already slightly nuts themselves.
    I am at a loss for words.
    I am pretty sure that we need to overhaul our system of electing politicians. There are no good choices for people that take he time to research their vote. The candidates egos desire for riches prohibit rational thought.


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