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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The sun came out and I accomplished something!

I spent much of the morning talking to the neighbor I was panting for. I didn't get any good stories. I planted 35 acres today in five different fields. I did a 2.5 acre, a 18 acre, a 12 acre, a five and a 3.5. Somewhere i am missing a 6.3 acre field but perhaps I counted wrong.
The next farmer bought me lunch. He borrowed my pickup to get me lunch and then used it to move the seed truck and the fertilizer truck. He used almost 1/4 tank of gas to do it. I heard him take off one time and I think they were enjoying the fuel-injected 460 with the timing gear out of a 429 and an RV cam. Perhaps a little excessive acceleration.
Here are some photos of my planting miss adventures.
I keep posting these photos of the view out my windshield. That is pretty much what I see for much of the year.

This is what happens when you turn too short with the drill in the ground. This is the second time this year I've done this...

I am planting a few miles away from the interesting farmer's field. This is for the fellow who got me lunch. His uncle is the interesting farmer who is semi-retired.
The farmer who got me lunch has a vintage Ford tractor sign. His father was a ford tractor and truck collector. He has been gone for quite a few years but his wife (lunch getter's mother) often still turns the sign on at night.

 And now it is night...

 In other commentary-
I'm planting near Grand Island which i mentioned in a previous post. I see a few Protect Grand signs around. I attempted to take a photo of one that was right next to the field I was planting. It said "No Big Trucks." The people have a fruit stand in the summer time. They are right on Wallace road and big trucks go past their house day and night. I'm not sure what a few gravel trucks are going to matter.
Frankly I would rather have gravel trucks going by during business hours than bicyclists and lost city folk who don't know enough to get out of the way. Perhaps i should put up a sign in front of my house. Not sure what it would say. Perhaps, Go Away, or Just keep driving, or No bicyclists.
In other news, I heard about the fake bombing attempt on the news. Good timing on that one. Just in time for elections. I'm glad he put the "professionals" on the job instead of using "amateurs" although I don't know that "volunteer" bomb experts wouldn't do a perfectly fine job.
So someone in Yemen mailed a bomb to a synagogue  in New York? Sounds like a real professional terrorist operation. If it really was a bomb and if it really happened. Not to be skeptical, but this whole sort of war but not really, but now we are at war again, but not with Islamic people, and it could really be just random people doing all this, and oh boy those white christian types are really dangerous.
I wonder if the bottom line is that the government has too much money...


  1. thefrumpyhousewifeOctober 30, 2010 at 9:11 AM

    Budde, I have to ask, does your wife know you are panting for the neighbor?

  2. The president is in so much political trouble the only way he can improve his ratings is by staging terror attacks and (or) starting another war. This has worked for both Clinton and Bush. I think many Americans are on to this and it may back fire. I expect they will need to control the internet if they want to keep playing us.
    By the way, they are saving a spot for the L.F in a fema camp even as we speak!

  3. Frumpygirl, this is all a clever plan to get special farming grants only given to minorities. It is now documented that I pant for my 85 year-old neighbor... I think I have special protected status now. If you criticize me it is a hate crime!

    Anonymous, oh they can't catch me, Budd E. Shepherd is my dog's name. Dang! I blew my cover!!!

  4. Budd, I've had a couple D.C. nibles on my blog lately, and today a couple from the U.S. Department of Justice. What can I say? When you're an internationalrabble-rouser like me, it just comes with the territory! Gee, wish I'D have thought to blame my dog! Hey, gotta run; there's a couple guys in black suits at the door!


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