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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall is here and so is the rain

I'm not exactly singing in the rain...This was the view out the window yesterday afternoon. Wheat into sweet corn stubble.


  1. It has looked like your picture here in Ohio for a couple of weeks. In fact, we are supposed to have rain again tonight.

  2. I guess rain is like most things in life. Too much isn't good and neither is too little. When I used to work outside, I always hoped it would come during the dark hours on weekends. (It usually didn't.)

  3. thefrumpyhousewifeOctober 24, 2010 at 8:00 PM

    The rain really makes it look and feel like Fall! We just had a ton of rain here and temperatures will be in the 30's at night this week. I am not ready for tank heaters.

  4. msladydeborah, this is our first real storm. I think we got 2" of rain.
    Gorges, This is the first year I planted our own fields first. I don't know if that was a good thing or not. There really seems to be no end in sight on this rain. Rain=no planting=no cash=no payment to casecredit!
    thefrumpyhousewife, i think fall has arrived. We will have wet weather from no on. I kind of wish for cold weather here as it would make the hay sell.

  5. I've always thought its a depressing sight to see raindrops on the window of a combine or tractor (unless you are in a drought). Our month of good harvest weather ended today here with light rain which is supposed to turn to snow overnight. Not ready for that at all.

  6. Ralph, It was pretty frustrating. I was trying to get the drill empty. A lady came after hay-four hours late, and as i was loading her truck I was watching the weather change. I just got started when it started raining. Not all of the seed is covered as well as it should be.
    I am not even ready to think about snow!


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