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Thursday, September 16, 2010

What I did this week

It is raining...
Yesterday I attempted to pick up alfalfa hay for my neighbor. He has been making hay since Hector was a pup, but he just has a hard time waiting till it is dry. I got there at 8 a.m. The hay was so green if you would have stuck a stem in a glass of water it would have bloomed.
It would not go up the elevator chain, it would not slide on the table, and it was so loose and mushy the tie tiers would squish and fall forward.
Fellow gave me a ride home and thought that the hay would dry down a little by afternoon and would slide better. I came back at 1:30 p.m. and I picked up two blocks out of ten in the field. Then it started pouring rain. When I would break a bale it would be hot in the middle. I guess his barn is still standing. If you look closely at the moisture tester you will find the needle. I think you could say it is buried...

The day before we got a visit from Mr and Mrs Collieguy and their collie. They took us out for dinner. We had a very nice Chinese dinner. The salt and pepper shrimp was quite tasty.

Today I bought a used silage chopper and took Orin a Perkins water pump to replace the one he loaned us when the Massy 750 started overheating this summer. So, it has pretty much been Lazy Farmer week. I would post a photo of the silage chopper but sometimes when you are bottom-feeding it ain't so pretty.
I do have a photo to show Orin how we fight crack here at the farm. Overalls are a great invention!


  1. Just for curiosity's sake, I looked at NH 900's on TractorHouse. If the prices there are any indication then you did alright! Good visiting with you and Bill today. I noticed he was modeling the overalls, the story of you guys working on the baler ran through my mind at one point. Thanks for the free Blumhardt advice.

    I noticed you guys eye-balling the 1850 on the way out the driveway. It's not for sale, although it does have a Perkins. It might fit right in on your place!

  2. Orin, yes you caught us checking out the 1850. They are somewhat of a collector item. Now if you would have had a G1000 vista FWA... That would have been a different story.
    I hope you didn't think too much about the baler story. That was traumatic for me.
    You have a very nice shop. You could do a lot in a shop like that.

  3. Well, I used to have a very nice shop. It's very cluttered and dusty at the moment. But I am very fortunate that we got the building up before the Willamette Valley AG economy turned to crap. We still need to finish running air lines and conduit, but it makes a good winter home for me. I'm a lot more productive when I'm not using all my energy keeping my fingers from freezing!


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