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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Only Two Things in Life That Make it worth livin'....

I finally heard the Waylon Jennings interview on Fresh Air (I listened to OPB all day) I missed Merle Haggard and George Jones yesterday.
When I was in High School and shortly there after, I had the Honky Tonk Heroes cassette tape. I listened to it till I had every song practically memorized. I was a closet country fan at that point in time. I used to recite the title of this blog just to see if the other person would complete the lyric. It actually made a pretty good pick-up line.
Anyway, the interview was quite interesting as was the interview with Willie Nelson. I did not realize that Waylon was actually a good singer and that Willie is somewhat of a poet. He sang an unreleased song which was really quite good. Something about never loving the girl and if she would believe that then she would believe that stars are really just rain drops looking for a place to fall, or something. I know others have used that concept but I like the melodrama.
I'm farming for the neighbor. He had a little problem with meth and I recognized his symptoms. I was supposed to go talk to him but I'm not really that sort. I'm trying to offset my guilt by helping him get back on his feet. So, I'm replanting 60 acres for him. He's getting me the diesel and perhaps a small fee.
I should have put weedkiller on the field and no-tilled it to Triticale or rye. It has been in pasture for years. This spring we really put some ruts in it chopping silage. Part of the problem is he pumped too much manure on it when he was tweeking and killed out the grass. That part of the field works up good. The rest is thick sod and the cover crop disk just slabs it.
If I would have no-tilled and chopped the forage then I could just disk it and level it and plant it next year.  But, the fellow doesn't think it will work to no-till it and he doesn't have a sprayer. I don't feel like arguing and I am not waiting for the local co-op to come spray it. I guess it will all work out in the end.
Yesterday I broke the disk and today I broke the culitpacker. I can't get parts till Friday so I'm just disking. I fixed the disk.
I really wanted to make one pass over the 60 acres today. But, I forgot to fill my diesel tank in my pickup and that White uses a lot of diesel. My brother went to a farm meeting so I couldn't call him. I didn't want to miss the Willie and Waylon interview so I didn't call the employee till after Fresh Air which ends at 8 p.m. The fuel gauge was in the top half of the yellow so I thought I had a couple hours. Well, my faithful employee texted me back that he had to leave.
But, of course he had to leave. I needed diesel.
I thought I could go till 10 but the gauge suddenly dropped to the bottom of the yellow and when I tapped on the lower tank it sounded pretty empty. So, here I am home and I have 20 acres to go...


  1. Budde,I guess I'd agree with those two things that Waylon used to sing about way back in the eighties? but I think (hope) theres a few other things too.
    We are not burning too much fuel here these days as its too wet to harvest or do any field work yet. Theres a few swathers running but most are diesel powered and pretty easy on fuel.
    You have farmers with meth problems there?? Thank goodness we haven't quite advanced to that stage yet. Its mostly alcohol here. :-)

  2. I think that line in the song on Hee-Haw was sung in a cornfield for a reason. You know, the one that said, "If it weren't fer bad luck I'd have no luck at all!" Have you ever seen a farmer that wasn't singing some version of that song? There's too many variables in farming to have good luck on a consistant basis. Still, a bad day of farming beats a good day in an office.

  3. willie and waylon good name for twins

  4. Ralph, I guess meth lets you stay up all night. A little hard on the brain functions however.
    Gorges, I keep thinking there has to be a better way to make a living. But, if prices would go up just a little I'd be content.
    Anonymous, only if you thing ridicule builds character!

  5. Good story.
    Came to read a column and ended up looking at your porn (Farmer Porn) for a couple of hours.
    The things y'all have to make your jobs easier. Remember when a mule and a plow where "state of the art". Now You have machines and meth. I guess coffee takes too long to make.

    Keep up the good talk.


  6. I saw the "Waylon and Friends" live show on the deck of an aircraft carrier in San Diego harbor in 1984. It wa a special show for members of the crew and their families. The most memorable moment of the show was when I sat alone and very pregnant on the back bleachers because my baby was kicking in response to the music and an unsuspecting sailor, thinking I was there with a father, tried to pick me up! I was hunched over wearing a coat and when I straightened he nearly died. Your comments bring back such memories. Sylvia performed, Waylon (of course!), and I forget who else. Bet my husband can remember all of them. :)

  7. By the way, the baby I was carrying grew up and became a music theory and composition major! Start 'em young!

  8. Bobby and Frumpy, thanks for the comments, I've been a bit occupied.


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