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Friday, August 6, 2010

Some people can't take a joke-this is funny!

I am waiting for daughter to wake up so we can go tie the tops of our straw stacks an event which she enjoys but I don't have time to explain. I've been wondering why my pageviews suddenly spiked and did a search for thedailystrumpet on google.
This is funny, it comes from  I'm not sure they have a real good sense of humor...
I quote:

3 Oddities

The Lazy Farmer wrote about his rain gauge:
It reads out some decimal system number. At least it doesn't read out in commie numbers. Everyone knows the commies are behind the metric system. Well, also the Nazi's and those degenerate French people. Well, and the rest of the world perhaps... But I still hate it.
If you wish, you could read more of the lazy farmer's diatribe at at

Now I will kill two birds with one stone:
For the atheists out there who do google searches for this phrase: There are no atheists in the foxholes, ha! ha! ha! Merry Christmas!
And for the metric commies... Half and inch! thirty-two sixtyfourths of an inch, 19/32nd, 7/8ths, 32 degrees, ha! ha! ha!
And for all the hyenias out there, Mufssa! Mufasa!


  1. You know I've run into these morons before and I have some simple questions for them.

    How are you going to rectify all the rural areas that have the townships measured out in square miles, all the roads intersected at the one mile length, and all the tillable farm ground deeded out to the owners for over a Century in acres?

    Take a look at my area of northwest Indiana, then examine Illinois, to be followed by Iowa and Kansas.

    As Bugs Bunny used to say, "What a Maroooon!"

    You know you can't fix Stupid...

    All The Best,
    Frank W. James

  2. Budde, I must have missed your metric comments but I agree with you and Frank. Our country here was surveyed in the imperial system in the 1800s. A section of land is a mile square and roads are a mile apart east and west, 2 miles north and south. I don't see that changing anytime soon just to accomodate the metric system. Don't ask me how many hectares I farm, I don't have a clue, (but I know its around 1000 acres). Still fighting the metric system for nearly 40 years now.

  3. thefrumpyhousewifeAugust 6, 2010 at 11:16 AM

    I noticed that the metrification man can be hired for speaking engagements. I would prefer listening to him rather than the next State of the Union address. Maybe we can get local stations to preempt Obama with metric-man. I would especially enjoy hearing the newspeople tell us ahead of time what he would say and then recap it afterwards like they do for the president. It would be so edifying listening to them explain it all for us dumb folks. Metric-man says he can help companies increase their productivity by changing to the metric system. He could probably improve the national deficit better than the current folks in charge!
    On another note, I deeply resent your insult to hyenias. It was uncalled-for.

  4. The metric system is just one more case of us (the U.S.) thinking WE should change to suit OTHER people. Poppycock!

  5. Just give us all crescent wrenches, and knotted strings for measuring. No math, no international debate, more time to insult hyenas.

    And congratulations on getting tagged for a diatribe! That would seem quite a step up from a lowly common rant!

  6. Ok, you guys (and I) are too funny. Just step back and look at us. We are certainly part of a demographic but I have no idea what one. We all hate the metric system, that is for sure!
    So, am I a diatriber?
    It reminds me of a joke about a guy who thought he was an architect. The punchline had something to do with a goat. I think it was a touch off color but a really funny joke.
    Then there was joke in which the punchline was that the sheep had all loaded themselves in the truck and one was in the drivers seat honking the horn. I can't quite remember that one. Then there was that joke in which the Indian told the ventriloquist that the sheep lie.
    Hmm, this has nothing to do with the metric system does it?

  7. Dear Mr. Shepherd, or anyone else out there in Bloggerville:
    Does anyone know the joke that set up the punch line "The shortest distance between two pints is a strafed lion."? My wife remembers that much from high school math taught by an exmilitary gentleman.

  8. Collieguy, no but it sounds punny.
    Frumpy, the hyena thing was the only part of Lion King that save my sanity. That whole circle of life BS really got on my nerves.

  9. I'm sure metric is just the cat's meow if you are working in a laboratory of planning a sterile and soulless brave new world, but out on the farm it just adds another layer of needless complexity because now you have to have another set of tools, bolts in 4 different thread pitches and when it don't fit you get to swear in french. It comes down to this. 'af a litre just ain't enough,it don't satisfy, a litre's too much but a 'alf pint is just right.


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