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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Photos from my day on the farm

Things go wrong from time to time. My $5,000 not-quite-paid-for hydraulic driven v-rake suffered a bearing problem last night a 5:30 p.m. I do not have a parts book but I found the part number of a New Holland 216 v-rake online, and called the local international dealership. They left the bearing outside the door for me. I sent my employee to pick it up. It took two bearings...
So, we hooked up the old New Holland double hitch with a model 55 and a 256 ground drive rake. Let's just say they match the tractor I pulled them with... They actually did a better job! Too bad I ran out of gas. I think someone borrowed a little.
The dog enjoyed himself...

 Here is my view from the tractor seat. We just got started and I ran out of gas again... Employee offered to get me more, I guess four gallons was just not enough.

I love the smell of clover. We are putting water on it to lengthen the bloom time and it helps the seed heads fill out. I'm pulling the gun out with the tractor. You could really smell the clover today.

Here is AJ Foyt Jr. otherwise known as my daughter. I got my pickup repaired so that you can actually drive it without it dying. She just got back from two weeks of camping and visiting her aunt. She was giving me a ride to get a tractor and pick up some bales out of the alfalfa field. She punched it and we took off! "Stop taking my picture," she is exclaiming! She told me once she was bringing me the pickup and she she was going too fast. She hit a bump and she thought she bounced clear up in the air. Perhaps this is why 9 year-olds are not supposed to drive... So I found this tape under the seat and we were listening to David Ball, "Look what Followed me Home," She says, "Why do old guys sing songs about young girls." I gulped a bit and quit singing in my disjointed warble and said, "Well, young girls are happy and pretty and young guys like them. When you get old sometimes old guys wish they were young and so the old fellows sing songs about young girls because they represent youth in the minds of old guys. Sorry, I'm not a good singer." She said, "that's alright Dad, I'm used to it." Ah, I heard that snap as the bullet went by my head!
Later we lay in bed and I read to her. We are almost done with "The Horse and His Boy." It was the good part with the battle. I missed my daughter.


  1. thefrumpyhousewifeAugust 6, 2010 at 11:30 AM

    Nice recovery in that answer dad! Someday you might have to add a little more information for her--may that day be far distant!

  2. Whatever happened to David Ball? His "David Ball" album was really good with quite a few of the tracks getting lots of airplay, then a few years later he put out "Riding With Private Malone", then nothing.

    Your mention of bearings reminds me of a funny story from the Nusbaum operation about 15 years ago. The D-15 (seed warehouse- feeding tractor) lost a water pump at about 4:30 on a Friday evening. Dad called the dealer in Klamath Falls (200 miles away), they had a kit. So Grandpa (who was about 80 at the time) decided that he and Grandma would make an overnight trip and go get it. They returned the next morning and gave Dad the kit...which didn't include the unitized shaft and bearing.

    We then located a rebuilt pump at Farmland, 25 miles away!

    Gonna go take a nap now. Too many loads of wheat to Portland. Have you ever goofed and driven a farm truck and trailer through downtown Portland because the #$%^%& signs back to the freeway are totally misleading? I have.

  3. Frumpyhousewife person, the daughter is pretty amazing. She kind of scares me.
    Orin, So you drove a set of doubles down Broadway? You need a stiff drink or therapy or prayer or something. Hope you got $6!
    I have no idea what happened to David Ball. I think the tape I have was copied of the KFAT album preview show from a few years ago. Sadie and I are doing to see Don Edmunds at the Elsinore in a week or so. I'd also like to see Joan Jett at the Clark county fair. Oh SHIT! My wife just found the tickets it was last night!!!

  4. You be the judge. If one sign says "Salem & Steel Bridge" and the other says "Broadway Bridge & Coliseum", which would you take? I wound up going over the Steel bridge and into chinatown. One of the problems with not raising wheat for 7 years I suppose. That single lane of the bridge seemed about 6' wide.

    It seemed wierd being in that part of town without a visit to the Oyster Bar or the Portland Outdoor Store, but I didn't have enough change in my pockets for the 6 parking meters it would have taken!

    Didn't get $6 but not too far off. I would have liked to store it until Fall or Winter, but the insane amount of seed we have here due to custom cleaning made that impossible.

    We should finish wheat tomorrow. I hope so, the engine in the rub bar combine is getting really tired. There might be more blow-by than exhaust right now!

  5. thefrumpyhousewifeAugust 7, 2010 at 9:19 AM

    Orin-I am impressed. I once accidently hauled a 3-horse trailer through downtown St Louis, Missouri during rush hour. The sides of the 2 lane "freeway" were narrow, high walls of concrete. No shoulder on the road and no breathing room. It was white-knuckle driving at the end of a 15 hour day. My on-board GPS was responsible for the decision. I quit taking its advice when it told me to take a bridge that was under construction and led to a drop--off into the Platte river.

  6. Orin; I did that the first time I went to CLD. Right through downtown Portland with doubles. At least the cars give you a wide berth. There are actually worse places to be with a semi. Once delivered to a Chicken farm in Wilsonville that is completly surrounded by fancy housing developments with roundabouts. A 53 ft. trailer will just fit if you use both sidewalks.


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