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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One happy kid...

Joey got to run the disk. He is very happy and quite pleased with himself. A dusty hot job... I think kids all went swimming later.  Sadie and I took him a Pepsi when we went to move the combine. Kids really respond when they are given a little responsibility. (yes he is a little young and yes I've been to the safety seminars so complain away...I'll forward the complaints to his father. Joey is a nephew)

Actually Joey is very careful. He always shuts the engine off when messing around with stuff.


  1. How old? My first tractor driving job was pulling a 12' A-C disk behind the Oliver 1600 at about age 6 or 7. I'm a bit jealous, that looks way more fun than putting my broken plow back together.

  2. I was probably no bigger than Joey when I started doing some of the simple stuff with the old Ferguson. I think most of us farm kids could say the same.

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  4. Yes, farm kids generally get an early start on responsibilities with chores and machinery handling. I think its a good thing. Its so long ago that I can't recall how old I was when I first did any serious tractor driving. Prior to that I was an enthusiastic rider tagging along with my Dad either standing on the tractor hitch or leaning on the fender. Dangerous? Probably, but I survived and have some good memories.

  5. I think one of the reasons Dad favored the WD AC over the two cylinder John Deeres his father had was the second clutch on the Allis; it ran in oil and you pulled back a hand lever to engage. Much gentler and easier to see what you were doing when hitching up implements than the forward engage dry disc hand clutch on JD's. Safer for us kids, and yep, we were right out there like Joey, like probably every kid who grew up with weather and seasons and the siren call of spring in the blood.

  6. That is a great way for a boy to practice becoming a man. He is contributing to his family in a very important way! Unfortunately few children today have any opportunity to do anything useful. If a boy has nothing like this to do and is unable to provide value to his family he will get into trouble. I salute Joey and his family

  7. Well, I am glad you all approve. I think Joey said he is 11. He was absolutely sure he was not 13.


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