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Monday, August 16, 2010

No movies on the barn

This was supposed to be a movie weekend. But, you may remember that I killed both projector lamps. I ordered two bulbs last Sunday evening. I used our PO box and the farm address thinking perhaps one of them would be faster. We got a bulb at our PO Box but alas it was the wrong bulb. I think it would have worked but I didn't want to get all set up with people waiting for a movie and then have a projector failure again.
So we went to the river. Some friends came out and we all went swimming. They have two boys and the employee brought two boys and so Sadie had plenty of kids to play with. We all had a good time. Sadie tried to teach me how to dive and I lost my sunglasses. She told me to take them off. They were safety sunglasses and were getting a bit scratched up.
The river is still pretty clean which is amazing for this time of year. You can actually see six feet down which is pretty much a first in my memory. I still took a shower afterwards.
We are having a heat wave. Temperatures are in the 90's. (Using the non-communist scale)
Today it is back to work. Combining grass and baling straw and irrigating the alfalfa. Whoop! Whoop!


  1. Sounds like fun. The kids will remember such times.

  2. Too bad no show but jumping in a clear river when the temps in the nineties is not a bad alternative either. Not here though. We were in the sixties (temperature not times) today which is actually about my best working temperature. Any higher than that and I'm complaining about the heat.

  3. Ralph, the heat seems to affect me more negatively with each passing year. I've gotten to the point that I mind bundling up in the winters less, and sweating in the summers more.

    65 is about ideal for most outdoor work.

  4. Rivers and lakes are the finest. Remember as a kid swinging far out over the Des Moines on wild grape vines and dropping in, my grandfather on the bank watching. We found public concrete pools kind of unfriendly and boring, except for the girls in their swimsuits.

  5. When i was a lad we had an old cottonwood tree that leaned out over a deep hole in the river. Someone braver than I hooked a rope over it and you could swing way out in the river. Those were the days...
    Plus, sometimes there were girls in their swimsuits as well!
    Somehow I thought those days would last forever...

  6. thefrumpyhousewifeAugust 20, 2010 at 9:08 AM

    How I loved that river--I had many happy hours there riding and swimming horses in it. Once, I heard a barking and growling in the brush on the side opposite our farm, so of course, I growled and barked back. I gave some farmer a happy tale for the dinner table that night and went home rather embarrassed. Does it still flood every winter? I think I remember the rope and tree.

  7. Frumpy, funny barking story, the photo is looking towards your place. The far beach would be near where your irrigation pump would have gone. The river has changed quite a bit, the basic bend is still there. A lot of erosion into our field.
    Last winter is the first winter it didn't flood that I can remember.


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