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Friday, August 20, 2010

The Last MM tractor through the shop?

The uncle ain't as young as he used to be. He took on this Minneapolis-Moline G1050 for a clutch repair job. I really want this tractor. The old fellow who just bought this tractor, wants it to plow and plant 150 acres of hay. I have considered offering to do his plowing in exchange for his tractor. The G1050 has a very reliable engine and good hydraulics. They were not produced in large numbers


  1. So...what year would that be? It looks like there was already some blurring of the lines with "White" on the nose, and those fender fuel tanks look very 55 series Oliver.

    Very cool tractor though. Is that floor dry I see under the rear of the tractor? (grin)

  2. Beat me to the draw, Orin. I think I see a few crunchy flakes of floor dry between the front tires.

    The gentlemen who could or would do major repairs on MM around here have pretty much gone the way of the check-wire planter and the trip-crash plow. Hats off to your uncle!

  3. I did not notice the floor dry. I block floor-dry from my mind. I am sure it is non-crunchy sawdust!
    Tractor should be a 1971 or 72. I Think they were only made for one year. 110hp class. The fuel tanks are Oliver, they have green paint underneath. The funny fiberglass nose is where they decided to put the hydraulic tank. Sort of a strange idea.

  4. Good to see another old MM still at work. A local guy here has a few, one like this or maybe a G1000, an M670 and a U. These old tractors were simple to work on compared to the more complicated tractors we work with now.


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