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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Farm Mascot?

I was going to post about the idiots who tailgated me home when i was driving the stacker, or overhauling the knotters when it was 100 degrees and getting the baler in the field after the temp dropped to 75 and a thunderstorm was approaching. Or perhaps rant about AGCO prices. I've got photos from the swather window as we swathed tinder dry wheat stubble in 97 degree temps, I've got photos of what may be the last MM overhaul in the Uncle's shop. But, it is 7:46 a.m. and I should be at work.
Here is something I found behind my seat. I think it came as a price in a box of soap when I was but a wee lad.
Anyone recognize the cartoon character?
I wonder if he should be the farm mascot?


  1. I SHOULD remember, but I don't. I'll ask Heindrich, he 's a fellew geezer with a few years on me.

  2. I'd forgotten how much fun clipping wheat stubble is with a windrower. Hadn't done it in nearly 20 years I guess. I was running the MacDon at 7.5 MPH, and could have gone faster!

    Which MM is getting the rebuild?

  3. I couldn't remember the little critters name until I copied a photo of him to send a friend and the word "pogo" was in the file name. I never watched him or read him. I didn't even knoe that he was supposed to be a possum.

  4. Can't quite make out the disresemblance from here. Vertical stripe shirt, no pants...that much is authentic....If that is indeed Pogo, straight man foil to Owl, Albert the Alligator and a swamp full of comic life then he would be a perfect mascot for farmers, banjo players, essayists and other contrarians.

    Walt Kelly was a WW2 vet comic strip author in the fifties and sixties who delighted in a no holds barred editorial wrasselment with the McCarthys and other self important fools and dead ends of the day.

    A prodigious bender of the English language, he was responsible for the turn of phrase 'we've met the enemy, and he is us'.

  5. Gorges and Collieguy, it is Pogo who is a affable friendly sort of fellow.
    Orin, The LB shop took in a Moline G1350 to redo the clutch. I really want that tractor!


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