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Thursday, July 22, 2010

One baler won't tie and the other is stuck

We attempted to bale our alfalfa last night. Had to wait till dark for the moisture to come up enough to bale it. Then the baler quit tying. The knot pulls out on one side when the bale pops out. I tried tightening and then loosening the twine disk. I tried adjusting the bill hook. I think it might be the tucker fingers as they were a touch on the loose side. Perhaps i shall adjust them all over again. That is a pain. The book also makes reference to the knife arm, so there we have just about all the parts of the knotter covered. I kink of hate this baler...
The three-tie baler is mire to the axles at Muddy Valley. The name is an apt description. Here is a photo. I have little else to say. The M670 wouldn't pull it out. We are getting the 2-155 4wd this morning. Of course I have to rake alfalfa, take my wife's truck to get the brakes fixed, pick up bales, and get the irrigation going this morning as well. Short post...


  1. I sense your frustration Budde. Baler knotters can drive you crazy when they won't work. Its another reason why I really appreciate having changed over to round bales.
    Still waiting for a day without rain here to cut some more hay.

  2. Hardly anyone uses square bales around here anymore, though I think it's more a matter of labor unavailability than knotters.

  3. What, the Jeep wouldn't pull it out? Is it part of the Lazy Farmer Fleet? Maybe that's the M-M Jeep prototype?

  4. Ralph, I baled lots of round bales for a farmer in Florida some years ago. They are so much easier to make, but harder to transport.
    Gorges, no one will do hand labor around here anymore but they still use small squares. We pick it up with a stacker, pick up the block with a squeeze, when it gets the to horse barn it is unloaded with a squeeze and barely legal and low paid immigrants feed it out.
    Orin, the jeep is the landlord. He wanted another 12 feet mowed out for his runway. Now there are deep ruts at then end of his runway. I could have told him that would happen. He did fix with gearshift knob with JB weld so his heart is in the right place, I think...


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