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Sunday, July 11, 2010

I picked up hay bales and made a thousand dollars, or close to that...

I picked up two semi-truck loads in the first field, three in the second, and two in the third. Each stack has 56 bales and can be picked up with a forklift with a large squeeze clamp on it.The 8 blocks make a 24 ton truck load. This would be a set of double trailers.
I picked up the bales with a New Holland 1085 bale wagon. I would explain more but I am tired. It didn't involve a lot of hard labor. I did loose all the hydraulic oil out through a broken hose and had to make a new hose and get more oil, but otherwise it was a good day.
I think that is 3136 bales at .43 cents per bale. I can't think anymore. Good night!


  1. Guess that'll make up for some less productive days!

  2. Have you been listening to Coast to Coast? There have been some good ones on the past week. Kinda makes it hard to get out and change a broken sickle section at the edge of a creepy looking woods after you've been hearing about shadow people, bigfoot, chupacabras, and demonic possession. Keeps me awake!

  3. I really miss Coast to Coast radio. Seems I can onlly pick it up on cold winter nights.
    Budde, sounds like you had a good day with the bales. And those NH bale wagons do take a lot of the work out of handling bales.

  4. Gorges, well one day out of the summer will not make the payment... We hope for more days...
    Orin, my radio quit so my paranoia level has dropped a bit! But, I do love coast-to-coast radio!
    Ralph, I've picked up a few bales by hand and I do love the automatic bale wagon. Except when the computer goes on the fritz and then I tend to lose my Christian Sanctification... Cause I sometimes say worlds like: @#$%^& and )(*&^ and @#@$%^!


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