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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Down a Dusty Dixie, I mean- Oregon Road...

I was inspired by Ralph's title, "Country Road Take me Home," on Mindless Ramblings but then I realized that I didn't really have a song title to match my picture with. I'm going to rake alfalfa hay, not on my way home, and the song in my head was,
Down a Dusty Dixie road/my old levi's draggin' tracks/nobody cares about where I'm going/they all know I'm coming back...
I'm not wearing levi jeans, I'm not in Dixie, and I most likely not going anywere...

The alfalfa won't dry out, the grass hay moisture comes up at 9 p.m. The moisture tester cords that go in the baler are all broken, the 2 tie baler is stranded as the person moving it didn't see that the hydraulic line to the tongue adjusting cylinder was dragging on the pavement and it wore a hole in it, the fellow who borrowed the stacker never gets done with it and I got a call that I need to bale grass straw on Friday...


  1. Budde, its a habit I acquired from my parents I guess. Something comes up in conversation that puts me in mind of a song. Had a great uncle that was big on biblical and shakespearean quotes for all occasions too.
    Your picture sure reminds me of Murray Mclaughlin's "The Farmers Song" where the sun beating down turns the red paint to orange, rusty old patches of steel.
    Taking a wild guess that the little bit of yellow paint showing there is indicative of a Minneapolis tractor?

  2. Ralph, that is fine I do it myself. Usually old country songs which pop into my head at unexpected times.
    The tractor is indeed an old MM model Z.


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