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Friday, June 4, 2010

What I did today

Electric welding helmets are really cool!
What I made was a wedge that helps me pick up small bales with the stacker. I could explain further if anyone cares, but I doubt you do.
Look! The soybeans are growing, who would have thunk! They don't look so healthy. Perhaps they are lonely and miss the midwest.
Really! There are beans growing in the photo. If you look really close you can see rows. The not quite dead fescue rows are a sad story and we won't go into that one...
Have a happy day!


  1. You've apparently let your hair grow out since the Ag show! Your drill press looks very similar to mine.

  2. Yes, I want one of those helmets. The headband on my old helmet is held together with duct tape so its maybe time to think about replacing it with one of those.

  3. O_, yeah, and I shrunk a little as well! That is a pretty good drill press, one of those and an anvil and a WWI surplus lathe and you are set.
    Ralph, the automatic welding helmet is so awesome! I used to be able to flip the old helmet down when I started to weld but I'd still lose my place. Absolutely worth the money especially for someone like myself who tends to be a bit shaky!


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