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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our dear leader? I listen to talk radio decide the Obama vs BP thing is rigged!

I chopped silage today. I violated my longstanding rule of not listening to talk radio. The problem is that I tend to talk back and that kind of freaks out the silage truck drivers. They think I am in the cab of the tractor going crazy. That is partly true.
I think I was listening to KBOO radio, because they sometimes play weird old country and/or bluegrass and I am old and weird. I hate it when they go to victim radio and talk about the evils of whitey and "da man" and how Israel is really mean to insane middle easterners. Now sometimes it is funny, but it just get shrill and annoying after awhile.
But, I digress...
There was a speaker talking about revolutionary theory and it was really interesting. I don't understand why Conservatives in the US are such morons. Why are there no deep thinkers and charismatic leaders who don't want to spend ourselves into terminal indebtedness? Who will just let us silly folks keep our guns and our old tired religion and not focus on special rights for less than 10 percent of the population and not want to kill babies. (And the insane thing is the sticking point of the argument is not so much about the morning after pill or the first trimester, it is about killing the kid when it is a couple weeks away from sticking is head into daylight.
I don't want to be in no stinking war, in no stinking country where people blow themselves up and stone their wives. But I do think that if an American is held hostage somewhere we should bomb those SOB's back into the stone age. (providing they have left the stone age)  I know we need to conserve energy and we will one day run out of oil and I want to do something about it but I don't want to be in such an economic disaster that I can't afford to pay $6 a gallon to keep my old tractor running cause I can't afford to buy a $100,000 new one. I don't want people streaming across the borders in a human flood of illegal criminals and drug dealers but I do want those people waiting in line for six blocks at the INS (ICE what the ^&*ing stupid acronym is that? Idiots and Morons?) to have a way to come in and work or even move here.
The climate may very well be changing and it might very well be man made, (Or Not) but I don't those bunch of pretentious assholes like Michael Moore and Al Gore getting rich off it.
I don't think there is a corporation that is too big to fail and if so, that is what anti-trust legislation is all about. I think that if if bankers are betting on loans and they bet wrong they should go broke, and if the government needs to do something, then the money should in no circumstances go to those guys who screwed it up to begin with.
And finally, if some foreign company buys up all our oil companies, totally screws up and dumps oil on our coastline and then kind of putzes around and does nothing, now that is something the feds could take over that would make sense. The one thing that the government is in a position to handle and they can't do it. Kind of like the Iraq war and the Afgan war, and the Vietnam war, and the Korean war. Not sure how we managed to win WWII, I guess we had to wait for Johnson to really embrace failure.
I was going to talk about revolutionary theory and the conflict between the emerging new order, the declining old order, and the behind the scenes brokers of power, and how that shapes both sides world views and paranoia but now I am going to bed.
It is really hard to load a 40ft trailer with a little silage chopper in a 10 acre field. A 40ft trailer takes a lot of room to turn and there is no way you can see the truck driver when you are loading.
Oh, I forgot.. Obama vs BP!
Buy BP stock. There is no way Obama will bankrupt BP. I got to thinking about this when I was listening to the guy sitting in for Michael Savage. This guy says Obama will nationalize BP through the proposed cleanup fund he is making BP cough up.
I could be wrong cause I'm just a dumb farmer and no real expert... But I think Obama is kind of a marxist lite and not really of the "Our Dear Leader" caliber.
I think the BP fund is a clever way to cap the damages lawsuits will do to BP. After setting up this fund the language will start to change and BP will be somewhat reformed. Later we will find that damages awarded to these individual lawsuits will somehow come out of this cleanup fund and they will be greatly reduced. Politicians and Obama will may financial and political profits out of this and regular folks will be screwed.
There is no way BP will be carved up. The B in the BP stands for British...There is a lot of foreign money at stake.
It would be scary if I were wrong.
But, I would buy BP stock if I had any cash.
Of course looking at the idiotic way BP is handling this crisis and they heavy handed tactics they are using on the locals and the total screw-ups by both BP and the Feds there is really no telling what will happen.
I just can't believe Americans can't find a solution to this leak problem. That is what we do, we solve problems.
I guess it is just more proof of de-evolution...
(pardon the spelling and the worse than usual editing. I'm tired...Good night...)


  1. Don't worry, Budd, you've just been breathing too many deisel fumes; you'll feel better tomorrow (background sound of Little Orphan Annie singing). Now, what can I do to forget about the fact that you make more sense than "they" do?

  2. Gorges, I get so frustrated, just because I am against this stupid war doesn't mean I like and support those idiots who out there with signs. I am against pollution but I don't like enviornmetalists. I don't like huge corporations but I'm not an anarchist! I'm against illegal immigration but I find most immigrants to be really pretty decent people. (of course they are the ones who work for a living)

  3. Budde, sounds like you and I agree on a lot of things, except that I really enjoy listening to talk radio. Our CBC has a lot of that and the best part, no annoying commercials to put up with. People complain about the CBC but I figure its one way to get some benefit out of my tax dollars.


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