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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Buying cartoons

Is this Woody Woodpecker cartoon worth $50? (click here)

I need more 16mm cartoons. Specifically (by request from the younger set) Woody Woodpecker and Farmer Alfalfa
The adult crowd wants Surfside Six, I want Hawaii 50 or Mr. Ed.
I can't afford the good stuff. I may have to charge admission...


  1. I doubt if admission would work, though you might ask for donations.

    As for what something is worth, I guess it all depends on the ruler you by which you measure. That's the trouble with me getting all philosphical, I guess, it makes my advice sort of worthless.

  2. Gorges, It seems wrong to ask for money. The films are shown when I feel like it or the kids talk me into it, or the weather is good. So, it is pretty random.
    Actually, it is not the worth of the item in as much as how much money I have in my paypal account. As a result, this movie did not become part of the collection.


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