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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Smoke but no flames. I needed a reminder that things can always get worse, and usually do!

I chopped 19 loads of grass silage for the dairy next door today. Probably 10 ton loads as it was over ripe and very dry. Four loads on a 26ft bed truck and the rest on a 20ft bed truck.
Over the course of the day my International truck died in a spectacular manner and the blower liner on the silage chopper wore through. I nearly set the field on fire cutting twisted chunks of liner out of the blower. The grass is so over-ripe it burns even thought the ground is wet enough to get stuck.
The International truck is the one I put a different engine in this winter. It ran perfect, no knocks, no pinging, decent oil pressure, not too hot, and then it just kind of exploded. I motioned the driver to move up a few feet. When he stepped on the gas he said it felt like it pulled down a bit and made a clunking noise and clouds of smoke poured from under the hood.

See the oil stain on the grass from the exhaust?

I was out of the cab with a fire extinguisher before I realize the smoke was coming out the exhaust. We had to tow the truck to the dairy with the 2-135 and hook up a hydraulic line to dump it.
Later, after I found more trucks and was going again, I picked up metal rake tooth. This tore the lining on the blower and after a while the fan blades started hitting pretty bad.
Not sure what to do for a truck. Don't have the money or the time to fix it.
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  1. Sorry to hear of your bad luck. I don't have any money, so I'll just say a prayer for you. Of course the Bible says that the prayers of a "righteous" man availeth much, so I guess you shouldn't hold your breath on my account, but I'll pray anyway.

  2. Budde, you own the definition of a long day. Looking forward to reading a post when things go your way.

  3. Ugh, that just sucks. Sounds like maybe a dropped valve? If it makes you feel any better, I broke the plow in two this evening. In the back of the field of course. I don't know how I'm going to get it out of the field, much less how I'm going to fix it for fall work. Not looking forward to tomorrow...

    Farming sucks sometimes.

  4. Sorry to hear about that misfortune Budde. Those old IH trucks usually take a lot of abuse and keep going but I guess not always.
    I still think my old 71 Loadstar will outlast me.

  5. Thanks for the comments/prayers. It is just a crappy year I guess.
    Perhaps this will inspire The Flying Pig Fiddle and Banjo folks to write a song titled something like, "The Truck Explodes and the Silage gets dry and the chopper breaks and the dog gets sprayed by a skunk and the chicken eggs smell like fish oil cause I put too much canola in the feed I sold to the fellow who does actually pay me." Hmm, now that sounds more like a country song...
    Orin, was it a John Deere plow? You have ground dry enough to plow? You put tracks on your combine yet?
    Ralph, The crazy thing is that it didn't really get any abuse. I really liked that truck and that new motor ran good and sounded like new! No knocking, no pinging, and the poof!

  6. Yeah, we have ground dry enough to plow.The duck-corn pond was NOT dry enough to plow, but I did it anyway. This field in question was a steep ridge with lots of Missoula flood-derived boulders that kept tripping bottoms. I think that's what did me in. I've cracked the frame out and welded it quite a few times, but this time the front of the plow is at about 45 degrees to the rear, so I think I will go new frame shopping. You don't happen to have a Case-IH 7500 frame out in the weeds, do you?

  7. O_, plowing! What? Us? Plow? We have a no-till drill! And if your only tool is a hammer...every problem looks like a nail!
    Actually, I use an old Melroe 911 pull type plow. Don't know of any plows around. The high price of scrap got most of the old ones and for some reason the JD collector fight over anything green with lemon yellow trim!


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