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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hay sales and guns and stuff

I have an ad for hay listed on Craigslist. Something about Craigslist brings out the interesting people.
I had a fellow come after hay and when he got out of his truck I saw he was carrying a side arm. Something that looked like a 1911 .45 auto. Quite frankly it made me a bit nervous. I was not expecting a robbery, terrorists, rabid rats, wolves, bears or lions running loose. However, the idea of some sort of strange random gun accident did put me a bit on edge.
Some years ago when I owned a semi-auto Mini-30 I let an older fellow shoot it. He thought it was pretty cool but when he turned to tell me that, he pointed the gun at me. Semi-auto means there is a shell in the chamber...
Anyway... I thought I would strike up a conversation and get some info on the whole situation. I didn't want to appear stupid, but curious minds need to know.... But, there had to be story there. Perhaps he was a secret agent or an undercover policeman!
I was trying to visualize any movies or country western songs which mentioned guns so that I wouldn't use any of the wrong lingo.  So, I just asked him, "so is that a Browning or a 1911?" I figured I couldn't go wrong there as John Browning invented the semi-auto and the Colt .45 auto is the most recognizable side arm in the world. I think there is some controversy over the Browning .45 and the Colt .45 and perhaps they are the same gun. I suppose I could do Google search and solve the problem once and for all, but I am too lazy at the moment.
My hay customer really perked up at the mention of gun terms and explained to me that he was a proponent of 2nd amendment rights and he liked to exercise said rights. I let that one go by as he was only after 1 ton and I didn't want to get into my personal views which are that I should be able to have an anti-aircraft gun to protect the airspace over our farm.
Then he asks me if I want to touch it. Those sorts of questions have always made me nervous. Anyway, he went though an elaborate procedure to clear the action and eject the clip. It was an amazing fluid movement that I have no idea how to duplicate.
So, how do you accept a gun from someone? I am sure that there is a very cool and safe way to do it. I must watch more movies or take a gun safety course. I opted for the gingerly accepting it in a manner that doesn't point the barrel at anyone.
After you have the side arm, with the slide pulled back, what do you do with it? I don't want to run the action as I don't know how to get it back to the whole ejected, safety position, so I just look at it.
It has a special frame and barrel and is a very nicely machined and finished gun. It looks to me like a basic 1911 frame but I think it has some Kimber stuff on it. I wanted to take note of everything so I would not appear to be an idiot to Frank W. James, I suppose it is too late for that one.
He got the gun from his uncle who was on a SWAT team and he carries it everywhere.
Anyway, we had a nice chat about guns. He showed me a Henry lever action .22 he had found for his nephew. It had a shorter stock and an octagon barrel. It looked like a pretty nice little lever action for a kid. The only thing I didn't like was it had the brass receiver and action like the old "yellow boy" lever action of years-gone-by. I guess that was the point.
I suppose I should be accumulating guns for the big "gun buyout" that will probably accompany whatever gun control legislation the Obama machine gives us in his second term. You should buy $50 garage sale guns so you can sell them back for $250 at the buyout.  Instead of accumulating ammo and guns I'm getting rid of them.
The 2nd amendment is to allow local control. The founders of this country were kind of radical. I'm sure it was their intent to allow groups of people from small areas to band together to protect themselves against a strong central government. I really doubt the idea of taking an individuals guns was even considered. A gun was as much of a daily necessity as clothing in those days. But, lets no go into all of that.
I'm getting rid everything now so I won't get so pissed when I have to turn my guns in to the idiots who will be set up at the local city hall or where ever. It will make my very annoyed.
Hmmm, how did I get to this?
Now my blog will be completely misunderstood by the folks over in the big grey building that watch these things. I think it is located in the Winston Smith Memorial building at 1984 Orwellian place...
Have a happy day!

UPDATE to yesterday's post on the Red and Black cafe. I watch part of a video press conference from the Red and Black cafe. It was kind of funny. The fellow from COPWATCH brought up the 1981 possum dumping incident as proof of Portland Police racism. This is kind of idiotic, perhaps evidence of past racism, but it was 29 years ago. It ain't the same Police force!
Also, If the Red and Black cafe doesn't want to serve a police officer why is it a civil rights issue? Why can't you refuse service to anyone you want? Why couldn't you refuse service to a scrawny hipster, or a jumpy methhead? Hmm, I think I just figured out the answer to this one... Anyway, who cares. I can't believe I wasted the time with this post. Time to flush and go to work!

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