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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Finished with silage!

The reason I have time to announce this that my diet of snickers bars and coffee as apparently given me certain constitutional problems... I only announce this as a warning to others. While you may think Snickers are the perfect food with peanuts for protein and chocolate for quick energy. They do lack roughage. I would get that from sunflower seeds but there is no where to spit and I don't have the concentration to chew sunflower seeds, drive, run the spout, and talk on the cell phone all at the same time. Who would have thought? You can't say life is not a learning process...


  1. Glad to hear the chopper held up.

    Coffee and Snickers, huh? Too much Rockstar and Cheez-It's can have the same effect.

  2. Orin, I kind of felt like celebrating the end of silage by tossing the hammer in the header of the running chopper but I suppose that would not have been productive.
    I was moving the chopper home after posting when I got a call from a fellow who wants me to pick up bales tomorrow. I didn't answer my phone. Tomorrow I'm going to church and then I'm going to disappear...

  3. In the old days some farmers would celebrate the end of harvest by tossing their straw hat into the feeder of their combine. Pretty harmless and certainly bio-degradable. I can't see my Dad ever wasting a perfectly good straw hat that way though.

  4. Ralph, I once baled my hat by accident. It cut it in half. I guess I had the knife shimmed correctly. Last year I lost my hat while running the rotary hoe. The spike put a hole in the brim. I hate to waste a good hat on purpose however.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I would love to see "The Lazy Farmer" cut all of the weeds' from around this fabulous 1946 Chevrolet bus so we can see all of her.
    By the way I own a 1942 3/4 ton Chevrolet flat
    bed Farm truck which was purchased in 1944 by a farmer in South Dakota (I'm in Virginia) to support the war effort during WW2 because that
    was the only way you could obtain a truck back then. I purchased it in 1995, & am the third owner.

  7. The 46 Chevy bus is really quite interesting. I think it would be pretty cool to restore it. It is missing the rear end and has some deterioration in the lower extremities as one could expect. It doesn't leak. Still has the glass.
    Perhaps more photos are in order.


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