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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chronic Boy gets fired, Wants to live in the old farm bus, vandals who couldn't spell in 1971!

Chronic Boy came to work for a day. I mistook him for his sister at first and commented on a hair change from fake brunette to blond and I asked who was taking care of the kids. All I got was a grunt. Later at coffee time I pushed it just a touch further and one of the old fellers explained that it was in fact Chronic boy. He did not seem amused.
He seemed to be in a lot of pain and a bit out of sorts. Early in the afternoon his buddies came by and he suddenly recovered. His grandpa was gone and soon he was as well.
They fired him!
He had been living in the national forest with his friends but they used up all their 15 day camping allotments and had to leave. The word is they have the tent in the girl's back yard in town.
Chronic Boy was at work because he needed a $300 advance to put on a house deposit. The problem was that 1. There was not a lot of work. People tend to not leave things to be repaired it they know Chronic Boy will be working on it. (I have been informed by those people) 2. He was already in the hole on advances. 3. He has not been released to go back to work. Those pesky imaginary injuries are very hard to cure.
So, Grandpa told him there was no more work for him. We shall see where that goes. He wanted to live at the river but that plan was nipped in the bud. His Grandma told me yesterday she doesn't want him messing around the shop when they are not here.
And so we see the downward spiral....

This is the farm bus. We don't use it so much anymore. We used to use it to pick up kids from town to pick pole beans. Was that 50 years ago? If you look closely at the windshield you can see that it was vandalized. This happened when I was in first grade. I asked my mother what FOCK meant. She said it was a bad word. Actually FOCK is not a bad word. According to the scrabble dictionary it is not even a word. For some time I thought FUCK was spelled FOCK. This impaired my ability to swear at an early age.
I wonder if it was embarrassing for the vandals to have their miss-spelled profanity left on the windshield since 1971? If you were a vandal sort and you were showing the longest lasting testament to your junior vandalism career to your protegee, how would you explain that you didn't know how to spell the most common offensive word in your repertoire? "Son, I was into phonetic spellings in the old days, kind of an avant-garde sort of thing. It was crazy times man! Those were the days of oil-based spraypaint, they had lead in the shit man!"
But I digress,
Chronic boy and company wanted to live in this bus. Much amusement was had at this idea until the rest of the plan was revealed. They wanted to live in the bus either where it sits or at the river. Not so funny anymore! We told them we were going to restore it...


  1. Definitely choose the river. If the bodies don't wash away, the catfish will get them, thus saving burial expenses.

  2. Nice bus, not sure I'd want to live in it though. Looks like a 40s model Chev/GMC/Maple Leaf.

  3. Do y'all still have that old bus? Interested in selling it?


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