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Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday excitement! We go to OMSI, Chronic boy is faking

 Sadie and I took a field trip Sunday. We went to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. I am surprised that they can leave the word "industry" in a museum title Oregon. Perhaps the word Environment" could be substituted.
We discovered that there is the same about of sugar in a Cola as in an avocado. We built a Roman arch out of large cushion blocks which was pretty hard to do with only two people. I supported the arch whilst Sadie lifted the blocks into place. After two failures we found the kindness of strangers. A nice girl helped hold one side of the arch so Sadie could put in the keystone.

We saw a telsa coil make lightning bolts,
shot a water filled rocket, saw what babies look like from 1 month all they way though birth, saw a lot of space stuff, and then we had ice cream.
Meanwhile back home... Chronic boy and his new family were building a wood stove. They have been evicted from their little trailer in the big tree farm and plan on living in a tent in various national parks all summer.
Chronic boy is of course on a disability from his bunny crash and has terrible pain in his shoulder. This does not affect his ability to lift medium sized chunks of steel out of the saw, or weld, or run the cutting torch, according to folks here at the farm who don't make a lot of noise but can see the shop and the saw. I'm sure there would be a good rationalization should the question ever be raised... Pretty funny...


  1. Disability is a good scam if you have nothing to lose, I guess. On the other hand, those of us who already own something would lose it if WE got caught. I think I'm going to get a real good suntan and try to pass myself off as am illegal alien. Maybe then I couls at least afford to go to the doctor when the need arises.

  2. See why I usually proof-read my posts?

  3. I am not sure it is so much of a scam as it is laziness and craziness. I'm sure he believes his arm hurts-when he thinks about it. I'm sure he believes he can't "work" and that he needs painkillers. He does really like the "idea" of working. I'm sure he has some really "good" ideas on how to better things out at the shop and is frustrated with the "old" ways of doing things.
    Mostly, he has no self-discipline and can't work when grandpa is grumpy...
    A very modern child..
    Now he lives in the woods in a tent.
    De-evoloution wins again!


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