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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another day in Paradise...

Today we started chopping silage. Sort of a poor start I might add. It rained last night so the clover was so wet water was running out the bottom of the dumpbox. The reason I knew water was running out the bottom of the dumpbox was that the bottom split open and I thought it was going to drop 7 tonnes of silage on the ground.
I opened the field which put a load on the old International truck. Then I went back home and planted 4 more acres of barley. So you could say I barely planted barley. That would be a very confusing sentence if you were dyslexic.
This is a continuation of yesterday's barley planting adventure. I have had a lot of problems no-tilling the heavy clay river bottom soils late in the spring. They crack and dry out really bad. So, I had my faithful employee disk at an angle and then I planted across the angle with the Great Plains no-till drill. The drill worked the ground up very nicely. Unfortunantly I caught up to the little M670 rather quickly. So, I did a test plot as I wanted to get done planting.
Then we installed the new $345 turbo on the White 2-135. It even rain!
This morning I took the 2-155 and chopper down the road to chop clover for a neighbor.
At coffee time we discussed the Russians turning loose the pirates. See the link to Hyphenated American. I have opinions.
Now I think I shall go to bed. Am feeling a bit depressed for various reasons but I don't really have the energy to share... Look, the bottom is busting out of the dump box! Oh no!


  1. What, you're not staying up with bated breath to watch the 11PM election returns?! In this state that's enough to make anyone clinically depressed.

  2. Hah! I'm also not turning on the TV at 6 a.m.
    I hope Sizemore gets the nomination, wins the election and shuts down the state finances!
    Instead I suppose we will get even more taxes in the clever government plant to shut down all business in this state!

  3. That is the nice thing about being don't have to pay taxes. I would say that what goes on in the government doesn't mean a lot to me, but it affects me to...even though I'm not sure how at the moment. Anyway I got things I would rather not do to do now. Hmm...the last part of that sentence was a bit confusing perhaps.


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