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Friday, May 21, 2010

The beans don't look so good...

It poured down rain today. I went and looked at our 4.5 acres of soybeans. Most are sprouted and all are in mud. Some are under water. It rained so hard it washed the loose soil off the top of the no-tilled beans. I'm not sure this will be a successful venture... Perhaps this is why people don't grow soybeans in Oregon... The corn I planted is coming up and it is turning yellow. Too we and too cold...
In other important news, I shot three starlings off the roof with the trusty 10-22. The barrel moves around as the gun warms up. It is that cheap machine-gun looking plastic stock. I have to figure out how to stabilize the barrel in the stock. There is no barrel clamp and there is a 16th of an inch gap between the bottom of the barrel and the stock. There is a barrel guard and piticanny (sp?) mount over the top of the barrel which sort of holds it in place. I'm sure I could hang all sorts of SWAT team looking crap off the side of this gun. All I really want to do is kill tin cans and starlings and rats. I like to shoot rats.
But, I digress,
When the gun is cold it shoots low and when it warms up it shoots right on. I know this because it took me six shots (or so) to hit 3 starlings. 
My motto is, "if you can't shoot straight-shot often!"
The worst starling shooting experience I have had was a couple years ago when I shot one off the electric wire and somehow I hit it in the head. It gripped the wire with it's feet and hung upside down and bled out all over Aunt Elsie's car. The retired neighbor fellow got the blame for that one and I let him take it. It was pretty funny... Right down the wind shield. I guess you would have had to have been there for that coffee break!


  1. I used to say that starlings are the rats of the bird world, but in reality, they're only the mice. PIGEONS are the rats!

  2. Hmmmm, wht happened to my comment? Trying again..


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