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Saturday, May 1, 2010

I am getting stuff done... sort of ...

What I am working on... I think I am done. I need to mount the monitor. I think if I ever got a good planting job I would buy a population style counter, probably a Loup. I have a pretty new AGCO which is a dickey-john but it is not the population counter. I want a SMI3000 or a Compu-trak. I may steal the neighbor's John Deere labeled Dickey-John as he thinks it doesn't work. The monitor reads row failure when no seed is flowing, but it knows how many rows are hooked to it. I think that is how it works with no seed in the planter, as I read the manual instead of calling the idiots at the local Mother Deere lawn and garden store. Not much corn grown here.

This is what I want to be working on. Needs tires, brakes, oil change, set of points, oil in forks, perhaps swingarm bushings, carb rebuild. Stinking alcohol in the gas. Alcohol belongs in the bloodstream not in the gasoline... My slogan when I run for president.

There was a huge flock of geese in our clover field yesterday. They formed a very nice circle. Then they all flew away. That was an awesome amount of noise. Wings flapping, honking, turds dropping on the barn roof. Cool traffic patterns set up as individual groups circled the field.

And we now have gauges in the vintage 1972 International tandem with a 478 cu engine. The fuel gauge is the most important. I've been trying to get another fuel tank installed but the employee resists. It is maddening sometimes. We are cutting up the parts truck for scrap. I wanted to finish the planter. He sat on the tailgate of my pickup trying to figure out how to set the propane torch and asking me what I wanted to save. For the 1,000th time. Cut the tank mounts off so we can have an extra fuel tank, get the gauges and the strange choke and throttle cable, get the heat exchanger off the engine, see if the doors and glass are the same, check to see if you wiped your arse, just get it done. I finally had to just go out there myself....

So, the oil platform blew up on earthday? Hmmmm. Probably greenpeace or seashepherds or a North Korean midget sub, or well, it can't be right-wing crazy militias as the keysone corps got them just the other day.

In another note, some of the younger set were discussing life on the local police force. These people are unbelievable idiots. Most cops should only be allowed one bullet anyway but my goodness, they think they are the thin blue line.
Not to mention the "I got beat up at school a lot so I want to be a cop," complex that they all have.
Our fair city is adding two cops with scales to do truck inspections and raise revenue for the city. The morons on the city council won't cough up the money to pay for the schooling. The younger set were incensed. I was incensed when I heard that the schooling was like three classes. Basically, the truckers know more than the cops and so there will be a fight. I hope and pray they nail some important and outspoken people right away and that those people attend a city council meeting. If only they would taser a local farmer.


  1. Nice dash on the IH truck. Its just about the same as my 71 Loadstar but I am envious of that factory tachometer. Just for appearances as after all these years I can drive it "by ear" without needing to know the rpm.
    So you read that same conspiracy theory too? About the Korean midget sub?

  2. Ralph, Want your very own factory tachometer? I would be glad to send you one! I am scraping the parts truck which is a loadstar. I will see if I can get a photo of the dash. Make you a good deal as a faithful reader.
    I was listing to the local democrat ranting the other day and I was thinking it was kind of interesting that a oil rig would blow up on earthday. I did a google search for "who blew up the oil rig," and I got some interesting information.

  3. Budde, I might just be interested in that tach in your scrap truck. I'm not sure how complicated it might be to hook up though. Where do they drive from, cable from the distributor, or is it electric?

  4. I think the drive is off the distributor. I will check out the engine. It is already in the scrap truck. I know the cable is good. It is a different dash panel than the picture shows.

  5. Wilco is going to open the old Amity Co-0p elevator for wheat storage this summer so that's why they have to be able to nail all the field loaded trucks from local farms. Ought to really help the city's popularity. Boycott Amity not Arizona!


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