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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Decoration day and we make lego movies

We decorated the graves today. Wife and S. and I went to the cemetery today and put flowers on the ancestors. Both sets of my Grandparents are there, Mom, and my great Uncle and Aunt. Since the roses we used were most likely planted by the Great Aunt we made sure we took care of them as well.
The great uncle cured me of smoking when I was but a wee lad of less than three feet in height. I was in the store running my hands over the top of the old nail counter. I liked the feel of the old wood. I also happened to find one of Uncle Milton's old cigars. He did not smoke them so much as he chewed them. There is nothing more disgusting than a half chewed stogie. I think I am traumatized to this very day. He always pretty much scared me anyway. He would set in his old swivel chair in the store and I would never know if I would be in trouble or if he would give me a candy bar. Mostly I remember he used to wet his pants and he wore striped overalls and what I think is called a panama hat. He drove a 1952 Pontiac and he was a character. I like Grandpa a lot better. He was always pretty grumpy and he wore blue overalls. Grandma would send me down in the dark basement to raid Grandpa's supply of crackerjack prizes.
The Grandparents on Mom's side lived longer and I knew them better. I used to ride the schoolbus to Grandma's house after school. I would sit on her lap and help her cut out quilt squares and she would help me with my spelling words. Grandpa was quiet and stern, but he would play jokes on me. After school I would go into Grandma's bedroom and listen to the radio. It was an old tube radio and you had to wait for the tubes to warm up. I still have it. I listened to Stories of Great Christians at 4 p.m. and then spin the dial down to 55 a.m. to listen to Children's Theatre on KOAC AM Corvallis. Walt LaBonte and Bob Roberts would read children's stories till 5 p.m.
Sadie left Roses on Mom's grave as well. Then we walked around and looked at dead baby graves. S. likes to do that.
Back at the farm... S. decided she wanted to make a movie. Her cousin made one and a kid as school made one. I guess there is a Lego program to make movies. We used my Fuji camera and iMovie. We set the camera on a tripod and moved lego people one photo at a time. We made two movies. The plot line is pretty simple, lego person gets hit by a bus...

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