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Saturday, May 8, 2010

The 2-155 has seatbelts and I used them for the first time!

I'm planting a pasture. I think there is close to 75 acres total. The first field was 20 acres. It ranges from 300 ft above sea level to 1600 feet above.
I have discovered a couple things.
1. My tractor has seatbelts
2. There are hills that the 4wd White will not climb.
3. My tractor has good brakes
4. I don't mind having the duals set out so far anymore
5. I need new tires
6. Today I will take two pairs of underwear...
If anyone has a spare window for a White tractor laying around will you mail it to me?
In the top photo you can almost see the farm!
In the middle photo you can almost see Uncle Ted's house.
In bottom photo look at the water level in the foam marker... I am not speeding around a corner. I just noticed that you can also see the fertilizer level. I did not raise the drill out of the ground on this pass...
Today will be one of those, "oh crap!" days...


  1. I've always been of the opinion that some land is best used to grow trees.

  2. I'm impressed. NOW, how are they going to harvest that stuff?

    I have to think, but I used to know of a source for White tractor parts...

    All The Best,
    Frank W. James

  3. Gorges, Yes, it should be in trees. There were hills I couldn't climb so I had to do sidehills. It was actually worse than the photos. I couldn't stop to take a picture where it was really steep.
    The fellow told me he had it all in wheat for a couple years. I think that is why the make side-hill combines!
    Frank, This was fescue and orchardgrass for pasture. He said he was going to run cows on it. Perhaps do some round bales.

  4. I have nightmares about farming land like that . Seriously I do.

  5. Does having seat belts mean you have ROPS? What's the circumference of the 2-155 cross section including wide set duals and cab? How many revolutions from 1600 ft. down to 300 would that give you? Got your coffee lashed down?

    Too many memories of cutting hay on side hills with gopher mounds. I'm with Ralph.

  6. I dreamed about it Saturday night...I suppose this will go into my collection of anxiety dreams. Along with stacking a never ending field of straw bales with a super 1048.
    I never slid sideways but I was pretty careful about raising the drill. I did have to turn the wheels uphill to stay on the side hill. I think the 2-155 is wide enough to be pretty stable. It has a good ROPS cab.
    Saturday I listened to the bluegrass and old time country program on KBOO so that helped out a bit. Songs about sadness and desperation and alcoholism have more meaning when you are facing your impending doom...


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