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Friday, April 30, 2010

Pay for content? Whatever...

In a moment of frustration I did a search for "how do I make $50,000 in a month?"
There are several internet money making ideas which I was amused to read.
One fellow suggested a pay for content site where you revealed your information one month at a time. He said a person just had to stop thinking "no" and start thinking "yes." All you needed was 5000 subscribers at $29.99 a pop and you had your income.
Wasn't there a Jim Carey movie kind of along those lines?
AND, does anyone ever pay for content?
As far as applying this idea to something of my own invention, I never have paid for a website and I really can't believe anyone would.
Really, how much would you pay to get to my rambling punch lines-if they actually exist. After each, "But, I digress," there would be a "click here for more content" button. 
On the other hand, It might be better as only registered and paying users could read the adventures of chronic boy so I could include more entertaining content which I can't always reveal online.
I just don't think I'm the sort of person to make this happen...So much for my $50,000 a month...


  1. Budde, I have to admit that as interesting and entertaining as your material here is , I doubt I'd pay to see any bloggers writings. I'd just move on to find something else "free". Of course I am almost a world class cheapskate to no reflection on the quality of your writing. One of the things I like best about the internet is the free entertainment out there, although the heavy load of advertising on some news sites just about stalls my dial up service at times. I don't think I"ve ever made money off the net other than for filling out a survey or two. Good luck in your quest though.

  2. Ralph, Thanks for illustrating my point. I NEVER pay for content and I can't see how any of the sorts that read the Lazy Farmer would either. The DTN people are always after me to join. Sometimes I read the half an article that is free, but I would never join. I can look up my weather at the US Weather service or Accuweather.
    I can't think of any information I would pay for online.

  3. I'm afraid us ol' country boys wouldn't be mainstream enough to interest the people so stupid as to pay for content. Our readers are smarter than that. (All 20 of them!)


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