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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Corn Planter and Lego Trains

I have perhaps 50 acres of corn to plant. I did have 120 acres but we won't go into that one. Planting corn is usually my brother's job but somehow I suspect it will be mine this year. I've been working on the planter as you may have gathered from the previous post.
Today I got it all together. It is amazing how something so simple can be so hard to work on. I oiled the chains and inspected the drive clutches. I was trying to figure out how to get the hydraulic filter apart on the blower when I noticed a bearing on the drive for the row units which looked funny.
The seal looked wrong and upon closer inspection I discovered there were no balls in the bearing. If I were planting 40 acres of our own corn I would put a needle fitting on the grease gun and pump it full of grease, but... I'm planting for the neighbor about 5 miles from home. So I guess I will have to take the whole drive line off to fix this one bearing.
I really wanted to cut up a load of scrap for some cash, I need to service the silage chopper, mower, and I have a baler that needs the plunger rebuilt.
Tomorrow I need to finish spreading fertilizer and Monday I have my 75 acres mountain to plant.
Today I wasted a lot of time. I got S. a Lego train for her birthday and it arrived. Aunt E. and I put it together in the store. Then at coffee time we set it up on the coffee table, to the amusement of a hardworking neighbor farmer. He wondered where the key was to wind it up.
The cousins were out of school early and they got to play with it till S. got home. They all had a pretty good time with it till supper time. Lego trains are very cool. I think they are better than regular toy trains. You can rebuild them and crash them and then put it all back together again. S. was quite happy with the train.
But, I didn't get the corn planter out of the shop... Oh well!

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  1. Sometimes you just have to operate on priorities. She'll only be a kid once!


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